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Monster Hunter XX

Monster Hunter XX has received another video today. In the latest footage, a couple of quests are shown featuring Lao-Shan Lung and Deviant Diablos. View it below.

During the latest episode of Capcom TV, it was announced that a Monster Hunter XX demo is planned for Japan. It will be arriving on February 15 on the 3DS eShop.

Players will be able to experience the Brave and Renkin Hunting Styles. The Felyne Hunter’s Beast Mode is included as well. Four-player local multiplayer is supported.

Three quests will be available:

– Hunting Yian Kut-Ku in the ancient forest (beginner)
– Hunting Barroth in desert (intermediate)
– Hunting Barioth in snowy mountain (advanced)


Capcom published a new video today featuring producer Shintaro Kojima and general deputy manager Satoshi Inoue. The two show the SP mode as well as the flagship monster Barufaruku. Watch the video below.

Capcom is still revealing collaborations for Monster Hunter XX, with the latest one being based around Sailor Moon. Players will be able to receive the Felyne C Moon Cat Rod and special armor, plus a unique background featuring art made by Naoko Takeuchi. The official trailer is posted below.

Monster Hunter XX producer Shintaro Kojima and general deputy manager Satoshi Inoue star in another Monster Hunter XX video from Capcom. This time, the Alchemy Style and Beast Hunting Style for Prowlers is shown. Check out the video below.

The latest episode of Capcom TV just wrapped up, and Monster Hunter XX was once again heavily featured. Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima first stopped by to show off Uranometria, the weapon he designed for the game. He also played through the title, and there was a fight with Lao-Shan Lung.

Here’s the full recording:

The Monster Hunter series is no stranger to collaborations. Even the latest entry, Monster Hunter XX, already has several partnerships announced.

The latest collaboration is for the Long Sword named Uranometria. It’s an original design from mangaka Hiro Mashima, the creator of Fairy Tail. The sword blade is drawn with a sparking sky of stars, and the scabbard’s silhouette will look like an ancient key.

During the latest episode of Capcom TV, Monster Hunter XX gameplay will be shown that uses the new weapon. Mashima will also be appearing as a guest.

Capcom prepared a special Monster Hunter XX video in celebration of the start of 2017. Have a look at it below.

Unsurprisingly, Monster Hunter XX was featured on the latest episode of Capcom TV earlier today. The latest gameplay was shown, along with new 3DS themes. We’ve embedded the video where the Monster Hunter XX segment starts below.

Capcom published two new Monster Hunter XX trailers today. Videos focusing on the Alchemy Style and SP mode can be seen below.

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