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Night Trap

After previously failing to release on Nintendo consoles dating all the way back to 1992, Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition finally appeared on Switch this week. We have the official launch trailer below.


Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition will begin to launch on Switch starting with the digital version next Friday. We have some footage below.

Night Trap will finally launch on a Nintendo console when the classic title graces Switch this month. The digital release is planned for August 24, according to an eShop listing.

Here’s an overview from the eShop page, along with a trailer:

Limited Run Games has opened pre-orders for the physical version of Night Trap on Switch. Fans can reserve a standard copy or a special collector’s edition.

The latter includes the following items:

Limited Run Games has announced that Night Trap pre-orders are going live this week. A standard version and collector’s edition can be reserved starting on Friday.

The standard release will go for $29.99 and will have open pre-orders. Only 3,000 copies of the $69.99 collector’s edition will be produced, which includes the following:

During a live stream today, Limited Run Games showed off the first footage of Night Trap on Switch. We have the relevant recording below.

Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition is coming to Switch, Limited Run Games has announced. A release is tentatively planned for this summer.

There was some talk about Night Trap heading to Switch last year. Screaming Villains apparently was willing to let it happen, but said Nintendo “pulled out two days later for a very random reason.” That reason was never clarified

A Switch version of Night Trap hasn’t come to fruition thus far. Nintendo was apparently open to the idea, but quickly shut the door soon after the go-ahead was given.

Enter Nicalis, one of the premiere third-party publishers on Switch out of the gate. Company boss Tyrone Rodriguez has expressed interest in working with Screaming Villains to bring Night Trap to Switch. It’ll probably take some time for the project to come to fruition – if it even happens at all – but this is a hopeful first step.

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