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Nintendo Zone

Nintendo Zone will soon be coming to an end in Europe. On Nintendo’s official website, the company states that the service will be discontinued on March 28.

With Nintendo Zones, 3DS owners could go online, download content, and use StreetPass relay points to receive StreetPass data from others. Pokemon distributions were also handled through the service.

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Nintendo Zone is a location based serviced which allows the user to access and download content such as trailers, free demos, and screenshots. Now, in the UK, they can only be found in branches of GAME. Nintendo Zone launched in April of 2012 in Europe; establishments such as McDonald’s and 02 were supporting locations.

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The Nintendo Zone Viewer service has come to an end. In the past, Nintendo provided unique and location specific content through different hotspots.

3DS users can still access other services from Nintendo Zone locations, including free Internet at more than 29,000 hotspots across North America.

Nintendo writes in its discontinuation notice of the Nintendo Zone Viewer:

What’s Changed:

The Nintendo Zone Viewer service, which provided unique, location specific content for Nintendo 3DS family systems’ users via Nintendo Zone hotspots, has been discontinued.


This change does not affect any other services available through Nintendo Zone. Nintendo 3DS family systems users can continue to enjoy free and automatic Internet connection at more than 29,000 Nintendo Zone hotspots across North America and enjoy network services such as online game play, Nintendo eShop, Miiverse, Internet Browser, SpotPass, StreetPass Relay Points and video-on-demand services. The wireless icon in top-left corner of the Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu will turn blue when users are in range of a Nintendo Zone.


Until August 7th, a green dress will be available for Disney Magical World via all Nintendo Zone locations. Additionally, a t-shirt will be distributed via traditional DLC for free over the same time period.


3DS owners who bring their system to a Nintendo Zone location can receive Katsuya Eguchi’s Mii. He’ll be available until January 9. After receiving Eguchi’s Mii, you should be able to find him wearing gold pants in the StreetPass Mii Plaza.

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Time’s almost up to download Wayne Brady’s Mii at Nintendo Zone locations. Actually, today’s the final day! So long as you visit an area with a Nintendo Zone station, Brady will show up in the StreetPass Mii Plaza, gold pants and all.

Thanks to Carlos D for the tip.

As part of the National StreetPass Weekend festivities taking place this weekend, 3DS users who stop by Nintendo Zones can add Tom (otherwise known as Miiverse’s NintendoTom) to their StreetPass Mii Plaza. Tom will come along in special gold pants. He’ll only be available through tomorrow, so keep that in mind!


Nintendo seems to have some ambitious plans for StreetPass in the future. We’ve already heard about the possibility of scavenger hunts and crossword puzzles. Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen has also teased additional content for Nintendo Zones.

Speaking with IGN, Trinen teased that Nintendo is “looking for more creative content that we can use to distribute at Nintendo Zones. The feeling is that, if we’re able to offer people content at Nintendo Zones that they can go and download and then experience StreetPass while they’re there, that’s going to be the best way to get people excited about it and doing it on a regular basis.”