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Penguin Wars

After months of waiting, we finally have a final, concrete release date for Penguin Wars on Nintendo Switch – and it turns out that the game is launching next week, on August 15th to be exact.


Dispatch Games recently opened its very own online store. You can see what’s currently available here.

Dispatch’s store will carry standard editions of games, but also exclusive limited editions. Penguin Wars and Psyvariar Delta are up first. Both of their limited editions come with a PC-based digital download code for the complete soundtrack, which is a $30 value.

Additional titles will be added to the store as they are announced.

Dispatch Games’ Penguin Wars is getting a slight delay. Previously scheduled for May 15th, the game is now set to launch “mid-to-late June”. Also, Dispatch Games is selling a limited-quantity “Launch Edition” at their newly-launched online store. For $39.99, you get the game itself, a download code for the game’s soundtrack as well as threaded, heat-cut character patch of Riley. There are only 5,000 copies of the Launch Edition available, so get your pre-order in quick if you want one.


Dispatch Games posted a trailer today for Penguin Wars, which has just been announced for the west for “early 2018.”

The developer stated that the game is planned to become available for the US and Europe at the same time. You can check out the new trailer below.

City Connection brought a new Penguin Wars game to Switch this week in Japan. It’s a remake of the original title of the 1985 NES game, with overhauled visuals, online play, and more.

Although no announcements have been made regarding an English release, that could be changing at some point. Messages from Dispatch Games on Twitter suggest that something could be on the horizon.

This could just be Dispatch Games having a bit of fun and showing enthusiasm for Penguin Wars. Then again, Dispatch Games does have a connection with City Connection. The two sides worked together to localize Soldam: Drop, Connect, Erase for the west, including a physical version. If something is planned, perhaps an announcement will be made in the near future.

Thanks to James McKee for the tip.

The new Switch remake of Penguin Wars dropped on the Japanese eShop today. Get a look at a bunch of footage in the video below.

City Connection hosted a live stream today and offered a first look at gameplay from the Switch remake of Penguin Wars.

Penguin Wars will be out in Japan later this year, and hopefully in the west later on. It’ll cost 1,800 yen.

City Connection prepared a new batch of screenshots for its Penguin Wars remake on Switch, which we have below.

Just like in the original, the game still has players throwing ten balls at each other’s sides of the field as they attempt to take down their opponent’s HP. One-on-one and two-on-two modes are in along with special rules, new music, and more.

Penguin Wars is due out this fall in Japan for 1,800 yen.

Famitsu published the first screenshots of the new Penguin Wars remake for Switch. We’ve got them in the gallery below.


Penguin Wars was originally made as an arcade title in 1985 before reaching additional platforms, including Game Boy. A remake of the title is now in development for Switch, according to the latest issue of Famitsu.

Penguin Wars has two players facing off against each other. Both participants start out with five balls on their side of the table. Ultimately, all ten balls need to end up on one side of the table to declare a winner.

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