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Penny-Punching Princess

To promote the release of Penny-Punching Princess, NIS America has prepared a launch trailer for the game. We have it below.

System: Switch
Release date: April 3, 2018
Developer: Nippon Ichi
Publisher: NIS America

Penny-Punching Princess checks all the right boxes in things I love: it’s got arcade-inspired gameplay in which you’ll brawl your way through dungeons (or castles) in a level, a section by section format that is reminiscent of classics like Double Dragon or Streets of Rage, a simple light and heavy attack button that you can mix and match for combos, and a very straight-forward approach in how to complete each level. Racking up points and cash so you can bribe, upgrade, and loot your way to victory is also an intriguing element, and the adorable pixel art style looks nice. However, all of the enjoyment is quickly interrupted thanks to non-intuitive controls, uninspired levels, repetitive gameplay, and a story that’s so banal and aimless you’ll find yourself either falling asleep to the dialogue or skipping the text entirely.

As is tradition for NIS America, Penny-Punching Princess’ release will be accompanied by a limited edition. Get a closer look at the full contents in the unboxing video below.

Just one day before launch, NIS America has cancelled the release of the standard edition of Penny-Punching Princess in the UK. The publisher says that they discovered that “the orders for this title would not be able to be fulfilled by their proper release date” and thus they decided to cancel the game’s physical release in the UK entirely.

If you live in the UK, your only option for a physical copy of the game is the Limited Edition, which is available exclusively on the NIS America online store. Otherwise, you will have to buy the game digitally. Note that all of this only applies to the UK – the physical release of the game in other regions has not been affected.

Head past the break to read NIS America’s statement on the matter in full:

Penny-Punching Princess lands on Switch in just a few days. For a look at the title, check out our gameplay video below.

NIS America prepared a new Penny-Punching Princess trailer today that introduces the game’s various characters. Watch it below.

Following its announcement last year, Penny-Punching Princess now has a release date. The game is slated for April 3 in North America, March 30 in Europe, and Australia on April 13. We just received the news from NIS America’s ongoing press event.

Accompanying today’s announcement is a new trailer for Penny-Punching Princess. We have the video and further information about the title below.

Following today’s news regarding The Longest Five Minutes and Penny-Punching Princess for Switch, we also now know that both games are receiving limited editions. You can pre-order the two here and here respectively.

The Longest Five Minutes Limited Edition contains the following:

• The Longest Five Minutes for Nintendo Switch
• 2-Disc Soundtrack w/ Art Booklet
• 4 Lapel Pin Set
• Collector’s Box

You’ll also get the following from the Penny-Punching Princess Limited Edition:

• Penny-Punching Princess for Nintendo Switch
• Royal Family Lapel Pins
• Sebastian and Coin Keychain
• Credit Card Shaped 2GB USB (w/ Official Soundtrack)
• Collector’s Gold Bar Box

NIS America made not one, but two Switch announcements at Anime Expo today. Along with The Longest Five Minutes, the publisher is also putting Penny-Punching Princess on Nintendo’s console.

Penny-Punching Princess will launch in North America on March 20. The European release will follow on March 23.

In the game, you’ll play as a princess without her title in a world obsessed with money. You’ll be able to bribe enemies that will fight on your side, activate traps in battle, and more. Additional details and a trailer are included in the overview below.