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Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon's Fist release date

Thanks to Leoful and PiXEL, we have a final release date for Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon’s Fist in the west. It’s been announced that the title is slated for March 31 in North America and Europe.

Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon’s Fist was confirmed for an overseas launch last September. It was originally slated for 2022.

Angelian Trigger

Pixel today announced Angelian Trigger, a new shoot ‘ep for Switch that’s a mashup of 2D and 3D gameplay. A release is planned for 2023.

Specifics about gameplay have yet to be detailed. However, we know that the lineup of staff includes Hidekuni Sasaki as director, Akihiro Kimura (ZAVAS, Emerald Dragon, Alshark, Alnam no Kiba: Juuzoku Juunishinto Densetsu) as character designer, and Toshikazu Arai on effect design. Akari Kaida (Darkstalkers, Resident Evil, Breath of Fire III, Okami) is handling the music, Yukihito Tanaka is in charge of the 2D animation, and nspace is working on backgrounds. Finally, the game features enemy design from Yu Hiraoka, Soushokunin Dora, and uhper2319.

Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon's Fist

Leoful announced today that the company is teaming up with Japanese indie developer PiXEL to bring the 16-bit kung fu action game Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon’s Fist to Switch in the west. A release is planned for 2022.

Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon’s Fist pays homage to kung fu games from the 80s and 90s. It stars Xiaomei, who goes on a journey to save her elder sister, Xiaoyin, from the influence of the Dark Dragon. On Switch, the game includes a new story mode featuring Xiaoyin, new characters, and other unlockable content.

Horgihugh and Friends made its debut in the west this week, and to celebrate, the game has received a launch trailer. Aksys Games is providing one final look at the shoot ’em up title.

For more on Horgihugh and Friends, read the following overview:

Some gameplay has come in for Horgihugh And Friends, following its release today. About 20 minutes of footage are available for the game.

For more information on Horgihugh And Friends, check out the following overview:

The retro Kung-Fu fighter Fire Dragon Fist Master Xiao-Mei is releasing for Switch on May 19, 2022. This game will be dropping on the Japanese eShop for 1700 yen, and while it will not support English language options, the core gameplay is easy to understand without translation.

This version of Fire Dragon Fist Master Xiao-Mei is a re-release of the 2019 PC game with enhanced audio, additional music, new characters, another story mode, and an art gallery. More information can be found in the official press release from the developer PiXEL, and a translation of this has been provided by Gematsu:

Horgihugh and Friends release date

Horgihugh and Friends was only just announced for Switch in the west about a month ago, but it’s already scored a release date. Aksys Games just revealed that the title will be available on June 16, 2022.

For those that missed it, read the following overview:

Horgihugh and Friends

Today, publisher Aksys Games and developer PiXEL announced that Horgihugh and Friends is seeing a worldwide release on Switch.

The title is actually already available in Japan having launched in June 2021. However, this is the first time that the shoot ’em up game will have a proper localization.

For more on Horgihugh and Friends, read the following overview:

The greek mythology-inspired shoot ’em up Wing of the Asteria has received a delay. PiXEL has announced that the Switch version of the game would be delayed from its projected 2021 window to later in 2022. No details past this have been released with this delay announcement.

If you’d like to learn more about Wing of the Asteria, check out some details and art below!

Horgihugh With Friends is an almost-original reboot of iOS and PC game Horgihugh. It features new weapons, stages, and enemy characters, a number of new characters to enliven the story, and a new “Eterday Restoration Mode.”These new features are a wonderful addition to the game’s first console release. This Horizontal side-scrolling shoot-em-up doesn’t have a Western release date, but will be available in Japan sometime in February 2021.


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