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Playful Corp

A new 3D platformer has just joined the Switch’s library. New Super Lucky’s Tale, coming from Playful, launched on the console yesterday.

New Super Lucky’s Tale is an interesting release given its origins. What was once a Microsoft-published Xbox One and PC game simply titled “Super Lucky’s Tale”, Playful went back to the drawing board with New Super Lucky’s Tale. The Switch edition builds upon the original title with lots of additional content in the form of new levels, new moves, a new story, and more plus plenty of improvements and changes.

With the launch of New Super Lucky’s Tale on the horizon, we caught up with director Dan Hurd, who chatted about why the game has returned on Switch, how the physical version happened, the possibility of amiibo, and future interest in continuing with the IP. Our full interview can be found below.

New Super Lucky's Tale

Cuphead and Ori and the Blind Forest, two games that were associated with Xbox, are now on Switch. New Super Lucky’s Tale will continue that trend next week. The former Xbox One and PC title will now be gracing Nintendo’s console with a massive amount of additions, improvements, and changes.

Although Microsoft originally published Super Lucky’s Tale, there wasn’t any issue getting approval for the release of New Super Lucky’s Tale on Switch. In an interview with Nintendo Everything, director Dan Hurd said that the company “has been super excited and supportive of our expanding the Lucky franchise across other platforms”.

Hurd told us:

New Super Lucky's Tale

New Super Lucky’s Tale has had an interesting journey to Switch. Originally, the game released on Xbox One and PC as simply Super Lucky’s Tale, and Microsoft handled publishing. Now Playful is putting the finishing touches on the new version of the game exclusively for Switch, and will be in charge of releasing the game directly.

Speaking about the origins of New Super Lucky’s Tale on Nintendo’s console, director Dan Hurd told Nintendo Everything:

New Super Lucky's Tale

Playful’s platformer New Super Lucky’s Tale has been dated for Switch. The game will launch on November 8, the studio announced today.

Here’s a new trailer:

New Super Lucky’s Tale will be sold both physically and digitally on Switch.

Playful Corp appears to be bringing its platformer Super Lucky’s Tale to Switch.

The studio’s concept artist made mention of Nintendo’s console in resumes. In a couple of CVs, it’s stated that this person worked on “environment assets for the upcoming Nintendo Switch port.” Gearbox Software outsource manager Jesse Sosa, who was at Playful Corp until the end of 2017, also says he shipped Super Lucky’s Tale on Switch as part of his LinkedIn profile – though it has obviously yet to be released (or officially announced).

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