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PoPoLoCrois Farm Story

Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale is coming to North America, XSEED confirmed today. The game is slated for launch in winter 2015.

Check out an official overview of Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale below. A few screenshots are attached as well.

A new game based on the Japanese PopoloCrois Story comic book series, and a new entry in the wildly successful Bokujo Monogatari farming and life simulation series, now known as STORY OF SEASONS in the West, Return to PopoloCrois: A STORY OF SEASONS Fairytale features both classically-styled turn-based combat and towns full of lively and interesting NPCs who contribute to a heartwarming narrative about friendship, forgiveness and the bounty of the earth that veterans and newcomers alike to either franchise can enjoy equally. Ample farming and life simulation elements are also on offer in this comprehensive crossover, including real-time crop-raising, bug-catching, rock-quarrying, item synthesis, and relationship forging. Players can collect over 600 items and undertake nearly 100 quests throughout the game, supplementing its 25+ hour main story with nearly unlimited potential for replayability. StreetPass™ features are also present, allowing players to connect with one another and earn bonus items through treasure-hunting.

Source: XSEED PR

A few new screenshots have come in for PoPoLoCrois Farm Story. View them in the gallery below.

PoPoLoCrois Farm Story could be heading west, judging by a new Twitter tease posted by XSEED.

About an hour ago, the company posted the following:

The eyes in the video clip definitely match up with what’s shown in the art above. I’d say this is very likely teasing a localization of PoPoLoCrois Farm Story. And that wouldn’t be surprising, as XSEED is basically Marvelous’ North American branch.

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Marvelous have released a new trailer for their upcoming 3DS game PoPoLoCrois Farm Story. Check it out below:

Marvelous released a new wave of screenshots from PoPoLoCrois Farm Story. View them in the gallery below.

Marvelous has issued another round of screenshots from PoPoLoCrois Farm Story. We’ve posted them in the gallery below.

Siliconera has translated another round of PoPoLoCrois Farm Story details from the game’s latest trailer. Head on below to read up on the latest information.

– The Popolocrois Kingdom enjoyed a good while of peace
– This was then abruptly interrupted by the “Dark Beasts” that appeared out of nowhere
– Dark Beasts have been going around sealing away the fairies and ruining the lands
– Prince Pietro heads on a journey to return things to normal
– Pietro was visited by a diplomat from “Galariland” named Marmella
– Marmella tells him that the key to saving the world lies somewhere in her land
– Because of this, Pietro decides to travel there
– This was actually a trap Marmella set up
– Garaliland is home to four main lands of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
– Each land’s town and village has all kinds of characters that Pietro will encounter
– Pietro will make new friends/comrades along the way to help take down the Dark Beasts
– Turn-based battle system
– Characters have special attacks
– Battlefield grid
– Can change between manual and automatic controls
– Different farms in Garaliland
– Defeat Dark Beasts to use them to your liking
– The farming parts aren’t really related to the story
– With farming, you can enjoy some Harvest Moon-style moments with livestock and crops that you can take advantage of in order to make some useful items
– Each village and town of Garaliland will have key characters, including kind girls that will help you out in the farm, and those in need of help with various quest requests for Pietro
– Interact and help others to get more help in your adventure

Marvelous released a second trailer for PoPoLoCrois Farm Story today. You can watch it below.

PoPoLoCrois Farm Story’s release date is fast approaching, so Marvelous has been sending out updates in quick succession. The latest news surrounding the game covers a town Prince Pietro will visit and a few key characters.

Here’s the latest:

– Pietro will come across the town of “Cordan”
– Cordan is located in the northwestern part of Garaliland, the Autumn Lands of the Cordan Region
– Since Cordan is nearing its harvest season, it’s been getting a lot of visitors lately
– Hero/mayor named Berg is in the town
– “Man Who Lives By the Cannon” is here as well
– Both characters seem to know about the recent happenings of Garailand
– There’s also been talks about a bronze statue that fell from the sky into the corner of town
– Berg is the brother of a bodyguard from a certain castle; devoted in the growth and expansion of Cordan
– Mireille: young girl who lives in Cordan; Berg’s daughter and gets along with Anna
– Anna: young girl who lives in Cordan; seems to sense something from the rusty soldier’s statue in town
– Prince Pietro will get to interact with special girls by communicating with them and giving them gifts
– Once they become better friends, they’ll even help out with items that can help in the farm or the journey
– Lily: innocent girl who lives in Cordan; loves insects
– Iris: strong-willed girl; loves performing experiments and also loves cats

PoPoLoCrois Farm Story launches in Japan on June 18.


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