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R-Type Final 2

During a “Granzella Meeting” live stream today, Granzella announced that it is preparing a demo for R-Type 2, and it will be available on Switch. Further information was not provided aside from the April 1 release date.

NIS America is handling R-Type 2 in the west, so it’s possible that the publisher will extend the same demo to overseas fans at some point as well.

R-Type 2 itself launches on April 29 in Japan, followed by April 30 in North America and Europe.


Bonk’s Adventure, New Adventure Island, and R-Type are slated for the European Wii U Virtual Console this week. Watch their official trailers below.

Three probable Virtual Console games for Wii U have been rated by the ESRB. R-Type, New Adventure Island, and Drill Rozer have been added to the database. Hopefully they’ll be out soon!


Wii U eShop

Eight new Virtual Console games are on track for the Japanese Wii U eShop next week. R-Type (PC Engine), China Warrior (PC Engine), Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA), The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA), Mario Tennis Advance (GBA), Wario Land 4 (GBA), Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land (GBA), and Metroid Fusion (GBA) will be out on April 30. Pricing is set at 617 yen for the PC Engine games and 702 yen for the GBA titles.


Three new games have been confirmed for the Japanese 3DS Virtual Console. R-Type (PC Engine), Alien Crush (PC Engine), and Street Fighter 2010 (Famicom) will be out on February 26. Pricing is set at 600 yen for the PC Engine releases and 500 yen for Street Fighter.


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