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Rockstar Games

The Warriors GBA Bully DS

Based on a new report from Time Extension, Rockstar Games was at one point working on versions of The Warriors for GBA and Bully for DS.

The Warriors, which did see a portable release on PSP, was apparently first considered for GBA. Time Extension spoke to a former Rockstar Games employee who said the GBA port was being handled by Rockstar Leeds. The Warriors for GBA would have used the same engine that powered Max Payne on the handheld. Despite essentially being complete, that version was cancelled since Rockstar wasn’t “really seeing good returns on Nintendo” and the company “didn’t like promoting M-rated games” back in the day.

GTA+ Switch

A new update on Rockstar Games’ website has some believing that the GTA+ subscription service could be appearing on Switch.

Yesterday, it was spotted that the platform list for “Games Included with GTA+” included Nintendo’s console. However, as noted by X user TezFunz2, it is not currently used on the site. Rockstar could be planning a future announcement.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 could have a shot at a Switch release, as a rating for the game has been spotted.

The classification in Brazil has been updated to include Nintendo’s console alongside the PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions. However, it’s unclear how long it’s been there for. While the rating update was spotted today, the Switch version did not receive its own listing – which is always the case with ratings in Brazil.

Red Dead Redemption frame rate resolution

Digital Foundry has offered up a closer look at the Switch version of Red Dead Redemption, covering the frame rate, resolution, and more. Overall, this is largely what was expected when it was announced – a mostly straightforward port with some smaller upgrades.

Here’s the full rundown:

Red Dead Redemption gameplay

A bunch of gameplay has surfaced for the just-released Switch version of Red Dead Redemption. Following the recent announcement, it launched today.

Here’s an overview from the eShop listing:

Red Dead Redemption launch trailer

Red Dead Redemption comes to Switch today, and Rockstar has readied a launch trailer to celebrate. This marks the game’s first appearance on a Nintendo platform.

Additional information is included in the following overview:

Red Dead Redemption screenshots

It was announced this week that Red Dead Redemption is heading to Switch, and we have a closer look with new screenshots. Images also showcase the Undead Nightmare DLC that’s included.

Here’s an official overview of the game:

Red Dead Redemption Switch

Original (8/7): Rockstar Games will release Red Dead Redemption on Switch this month, it’s just been revealed.

The title, an action-adventure experience, first launched in 2010. However, this marks the first time it will be appearing on a Nintendo console. The Undead Nightmare expansion will be included as well along with bonus content from the Game of the Year Edition.

Red Dead Redemption graphics comparison

A new video shared by GameXplain offers up a graphics comparison for the newly-announced Switch version of Red Dead Redemption and the original Xbox 360 release.

Rockstar Games announced that it’s coming to Nintendo’s console earlier today. While not a remaster as was previously rumored, it’s still significant since the game wasn’t released on any prior platforms from the Big N.

gta trilogy definitive edition update 1.0.6

A new update has arrived for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition on Switch. Rockstar Games lists it at version 1.04, though it should show up on your system as version 1.0.6.

This new update includes improvements for performance and stability along with tons of fixes. For the full patch notes, continue on below. 

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