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Arc System Works released a bunch of family-friendly games on the 3DS eShop like Family Bowling 3D and Family Kart 3D. Eventually, the company went on to bring a similar-styled experience to the Japanese Wii U eShop: “Family Tennis SP”.

It now appears that the title will be released overseas, based on a listing from the USK. But it won’t be published by Arc System Works as expected. Assuming I haven’t misunderstood the rating, Shin’en instead will handle distribution – at least in Europe.


Over the week or so, Shin’en has been sharing a few technical tidbits about FAST Racing Neo. The studio interacted with fans about the game’s frame rate and more.

Here’s the full roundup:

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The Wii U version of Art of Balance is due out on the North American Wii U eShop next week, Shin’en has confirmed. A release is planned for October 9.

As tweeted by Shin’en:


Manfred Linzner from Shin’en confirmed a couple of technical aspects for FAST Racing Neo over on NeoGAF. The game will run at 720p and 60 frames per second, according to Linzner. Shin’en is working its technical magic as usual!


Shin’en released the Wii U version of Art of Balance on the European Wii U eShop today. If you plan on downloading the game, make sure you have 173MB of free space available. That number may vary slightly for the North American version, but not by much.


With FAST Racing Neo, developer Shin’en will be looking to make a few improvements to the game’s predecessor.

First, phase switching has been “streamlined” and it’s now “more fun to use.” Shin’en also adjusted the AI so that it’s more human-like.

Shin’en Manfred Linzner told Nintendon:

First of all we analyzed what people liked and disliked in the original Wii game. For instance, most people enjoyed the unique phase switching gameplay, because it’s something you have in no other racing game.

So we build on that but tried to make it more streamlined and more fun to use. Something most people disliked was the brutal difficulty in higher leagues, because the Ai was simply too perfect. We made sure that the Ai behaves more ‘human’ this time.


Update: Bumped to the top! Shin’en has shared a third screenshot:



Shin’en has shared a second screenshot from FAST Racing Neo. Check it out above.