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Shiro Maekawa

rune factory new game

Rune Factory chief director Shiro Maekawa has commented on what to expect from the series’ new game, and also confirmed that Rune Factory 6 will be released in the future.

Fans that tuned in to the last Nintendo Direct in September saw the franchise make two announcements. Along with Rune Factory 3 Special, we’re also getting a new title entirely. However, details on the latter title have not yet been provided.

Nintendo Everything recently had the opportunity to speak with Shiro Maekawa, the director of Rune Factory 5. We discussed a variety of topics including the lengthy wait since the series’ previous entry, the inclusion of same-sex relationships, and more. Maekawa also expressed interest in remakes / remasters of previous titles and indicated that it won’t be another ten years for a new Rune Factory game.

You can read our full discussion with Maekawa below. 

In last month’s issue of Nintendo Dream, the Japanese magazine published an interview all about the Rune Factory series. The main focus was Rune Factory 4 Special and topics like bringing back the game for Switch, but there was also some brief Rune Factory 5 talk.

We’ve translated the full interview, which you can find below. It’s with Yoshifumi Hashimoto, president and representative director of Hakama as well as Marvelous game planner Shirou Maekawa.

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