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Sine Mora EX

Sine Mora EX launches on Switch today… sort of. The digital version has gone up on the eShop, though the physical version might be facing some issues.

Reader Jes T tells us that he pre-ordered a copy at Best Buy, but received an email this morning stating that Sine Mora EX has been delayed to an unspecified date. The retailer’s customer support added that they don’t have any copies of the game physically for Switch and haven’t heard when that will change. Best Buy as well as Amazon list Sine Mora EX as sold out online or temporarily out of stock.

We’ll keep tabs on the situation and will let you know about any future developments.

Footage is here for the new Switch version of Sine Mora EX. Take a look at some footage of the game below.

We also have the file size for Sine Mora EX. On Switch, the game takes up 990MB of space.

Sine Mora EX is just on the horizon. THQ Nordic announced today that the game is coming to Switch on September 26. In other regions, including Europe, the release date will be October 10.

Here’s an overview of Sine Mora EX:

Sine Mora EX is a side-scrolling shoot’em up that provides a unique challenge, where time is the ultimate factor. Mixing classic shooter sensibilities with contemporary presentation, Sine Mora is a gorgeous shoot’em up offering both a Story Mode that weaves an over-the-top tale and an Arcade Mode that provides deep, satisfying gameplay to challenge fans of the genre. The story mode can be also played in local co-op mode.

Sine Mora EX features a 16:9 aspect ratio (instead of 16:10 which still remains as an option), full English voice over (original Hungarian voices remain available), local two-player co-op in Story Mode, new Race / Tanks / Dodgeball Versus Modes, new challenge levels, and improved rendering.

Source: THQ Nordic PR

Lots of gameplay has surfaced for Sine Mora EX, arriving soon on Switch. View 27 minutes of footage in the video below.

Sine Mora EX could be coming to Switch soon. According to a listing on the Switch eShop, the game will be out on August 8. Pricing is set at £24.99.

As usual, we do have warn that eShop dates are not final. The North American and Japanese Switch eShops have been pretty accurate, but the European store has been off in many instances lately. We’ll have to wait and see if this latest listing turns out to be accurate.

Source: Switch eShop

Sine Mora EX was given an August 8 release date today. As for the Switch version though, THQ Nordic says it’s planned for “later this summer.” A specific release date will be announced soon, we assume.

Source: THQ Nordic PR

The shoot ’em up Sine Mora EX originally debuted back in 2012. THQ Nordic is now reviving the game for new platforms, including Switch.

One of the new features in Sine Mora EX is a co-op mode. Two players will be able to experience the full story mode together at once.

In an interview with Nintendo UK, localizer and designer Brandon Sheffield talked about how the team is going about including co-op:

“Narratively, it doesn’t make sense to have two ships because the story is basically broken if there’s more than one ship on screen, because you’re the pilot and somebody else is talking to you from somewhere else, because they’re doing something else. The whole thing about this game is most of these actions take place simultaneously and so you wind up hearing the same conversation again because then you’re the other person that was involved in that incident.

So the second player essentially plays as a drone. It plays differently from the main ship as well. If it gets hit, it doesn’t have its own life bar, it loses you time. And it works pretty well, it’s about as natural as you can make it and it’s obviously fun to play games together. And you know, obviously with Nintendo Switch, players want to have multiplayer experiences that can be enjoyed on one screen or in tabletop mode.”


It was confirmed yesterday that Switch will be receiving a physical version of Sine Mora EX. While that’s definitely great, there is a downside.

Amazon currently shows the Switch version at $30. On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it’s listed at $20.

THQ Nordic’s first title on Switch will have a physical release. Amazon has a listing up for the title, and also shows off the boxart – attached above. You can currently pre-order the game here.

The Brazil Advisory Rating Board has rated Sine Mora EX for a Switch release, alongside iOS and Android.

While the Sine Mora EX is already confirmed to be launching for PS4 and Xbox One, there has been no official announcement of the Switch version of the title as of yet.

Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture originally made the shoot ’em up a few years back. The “EX” version has new elements, but it’s unclear what additions are being included at this time.

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