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SMG Studio

SMG Studio has announced a new update for Death Squared. This will be the final patch for the game.

Players can look forward to new content, including 20 levels – some of which are “super silly” and a few others that are “super hard”. Also in the works is a color blind mode, New Game+, rotatable camera, and new icon.

We’ll give you a heads up when the update goes live.

Source: Switch news

Death Squared came out one year ago on Switch. During that period, developer SMG Studio says that the game has sold 52,000 copies on Nintendo’s console.

SMG further adds that the team is “making more revenue, a year in, than we did when we launched on the other consoles. And for our first console game happy to say we’re profitable on it, its opened up many other opportunities, we earned new fans, learned a bunch of stuff and made new contacts for future projects.”


System: Switch (eShop)
Release date: January 25, 2018
Developer: SMG Studio / Premo Games
Publisher: SMG Studio

There’s not a lot to dislike about Super One More Jump. On its surface it looks like a fairly generic Super Meat Boy derivative, but beyond its stout square character, the ease in which you can very quickly die in its short challenge levels – and the instant reset when you do – Super One More Jump shares more with auto-runner mobile games than the intricate fine-tuned play that a Meat Boy demands. It wasn’t a surprise to learn that this is a souped-up version of Premo Games’ One More Jump. As a result it’s mechanically undercooked to be a slightly awkward fit for a dedicated console with a full array of buttons and sticks.

New footage is in showing off Super One More Jump for the Switch. Check out the gameplay below:

First made known a few days ago, Super One More Jump from SMG Studio and Premo Games launches on Switch this Thursday. We now have the official trailer below.

Last year, SMG Studio brought Death Squared to the Switch eShop. The same developer is now releasing Super One More Jump as well.

Super One More Jump is described as “a hand-crafted intense arcade platformer.” The game features simple to learn one button controls that are hard to master.

Super One More Jump features over 100 levels, very difficult challenge levels, an endless mode with a new random stage to play each day, a two-player vs. mode, a four-player co-op mode, and the ability to customize your character with unlockable themes and avatars.

Super One More Jump is listed for a January 25 release on Switch in Europe, and should be out very soon in North America. We have a few screenshots below.

Source: Switch eShop

It’s been several months since Death Squared first graced the eShop. Still, if you’re just now considering a purchase, the game’s new demo should help you make a final decision.

You’ll find Death Squared’s demo on the eShop in all territories. Interestingly, it features original story / audio. The demo also contains a sampler of levels from the main game.


With Christmas comes many new Switch owners, and indies are reaping the benefits. SMG Studio is one such developer that has confirmed a huge increase in sales during the holidays.

On Twitter, SMG said that Death Squared’s sales are up 500% during the Christmas period. That’s despite a lack of promotion and visibility. The game isn’t on sale either.

SMG stated:


Following the last update in August, a new patch is out now for Death Squared on Switch. It’s been upgraded to version 1.2.0.

The official details about the update haven’t been made known. However, it seems as though new cosmetics have been included. SMG Studio did intend to offer new hats after the Japanese release, so that might have been added.


Many indie developers have come out this week to share success stories about their games on Switch. The teams behind Wonder Boy, forma.8, and Oceanhorn have all seen higher sales on the platform compared to other consoles.

You can add Death Squared to the mix as well. In a series of tweets yesterday, the studio outlined how the Switch version sold more in its first three days than all other platforms.

SMG Studio said: