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Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania Plus made its debut earlier this week. It’s true that it includes some new content, but improvements have been made as well. Digital Foundry has taken a closer look.

When Sonic Mania originally launched last year, Bonus Stages took a frame rate hit on Switch. Now, however, this has been fixed entirely. These stages run at a smooth 60 FPS. You can expect that in both docked and portable modes.

Sonic Mania Plus

Earlier in the week, Sonic Mania was updated to support the upgraded Sonic Mania Plus version and more. If you’re interested in checking out the patch notes, continue on below.

Sonic Mania Plus

AbdallahSmash026 has taken a close look at the Encore Mode in Sonic Mania Plus with over three hours of footage. Watch the gameplay video below.

SEGA has just released the fifth and final part of its new Sonic Mania animated web series. View the latest episode for Sonic Mania Adventures below.

Sonic Mania Plus

A new update has gone live for Sonic Mania on Switch. Version 1.04 is out now.

It goes without saying that today’s update paves the way for the new Sonic Mania Plus version. Other than that, it’s unclear if there are any other changes or additions. We’ll report back if any other findings turn up.

Note that there’s a $4.99 upgrade price for Sonic Mania Plus for those who previously purchased the original game.

SEGA published an off-beat infomercial for Sonic Mania Plus in celebration of the game’s launch tomorrow. Have a look at the video below.

Sonic Mania Plus

For Sonic Mania Plus, the development team has included an entirely new Bonus Stage. We won’t spoil it here, but you can find some footage in the video below.

Sonic Mania Plus

With Sonic Mania Plus hitting Switch next week, IGN has posted a video showing off 14 minutes of footage. Have a look at the gameplay below.

Sonic Mania Plus

SEGA today published the first video in its two-part Sonic Mania Plus developer diary series, which we have below. Kazuyuki Hoshino (Sonic Team creative director) and Tom Fry (Sonic Mania Plus art director) cover additions coming to the game, including newly added features, playable characters, and collectible packaging. Tom also talks about the backstory behind the creation of Sonic Mania Plus and the working relationship between him, Hoshino and Sonic Team.

Sonic Mania Plus

SEGA hosted a live stream this week in which it showed off a bunch of footage from Sonic Mania Plus. The Switch version was unboxed, Encore Mode was shown, and more.

Here’s the full recording:

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