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South Korea

Nintendo (and the console industry in general) doesn’t have a huge market presence in South Korea, but they are nonetheless selling their products there. The Nintendo Switch launched there last December and sold well in its first weeks on the market. This was despite the fact that a key component of the system wasn’t available – the eShop.

Today, that changed as the Switch eShop is now available in South Korea. It can be accessed directly from the Switch, and there’s also a website version located here where you can buy codes which you can then redeem on your Switch.

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Tomorrow, Nintendo is launching a New 3DS Mario Special Edition in South Korea. We have some photos of the item in the gallery below.


We don’t usually post a whole lot of Nintendo news from South Korea, but we’ll make an exception here. It was announced today that the territory will be receiving the standard New 3DS on September 10 for 188.000 Won. The big takeaway? It comes with the snazzy-looking cover plates pictured above.

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Today, Nintendo fans in South Korea were given a lot to look forward to in the latest Nintendo Direct.

Although there wasn’t anything too noteworthy shared, here are few of the details:

– New Nintendo 3DS XL releases May 1 for 225.000 Won in Metallic Red and Blue
– New Nintendo 3DS shown in white but no release date given
– Monster Hunter 4G New Nintendo 3DS XL also launches May 1 for 235.000 Won
– Monster Hunter 4G will release alongside singly at 49.000 Won or a double pack for 88.000 Won

You can get a look at the South Korean software lineup above.


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