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SteamWorld Dig

Image & Form has confirmed plans to create a sequel to SteamWorld Dig. However, that’s not the next entry in the overall “SteamWorld” series.

On Twitter, Image & Form said that a brand new SteamWorld game will be released next. After this, the “Dig” sequel will begin development.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Image & Form revealed one of SteamWorld Dig’s working titles:



We’ve already heard that Renegade Kid’s Max will be included as a character skin in Hex Heroes. Other cameos were previously teased, and it’s now been made known that the indie title will feature at least two more crossovers.

Juan from Guacamelee and Rusty from SteamWorld Dig will also be featured as cameos in Hex Heroes. And according to developer Prismatic games, “There are more surprises to come”.

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Image & Form doesn’t have any immediate plans to bring SteamWorld Dig to Wii U. The studio explained on Twitter that porting the game over from the 3DS or PC versions would be “quite tough”.

Image & Form wrote:


As reported earlier today, SteamWorld Dig will be getting a 33% discount in Europe. The same sale is also planned for North America, Image & Form has confirmed. The 33% drop should be going live on December 26.

Image & Form is leaving the door open to the possibility of bringing SteamWorld Dig to Wii U.

Although CEO Brjann Sigurgeirsson won’t make any commitments, he acknowledged to 4CR that fans have made requests to see the game ported over to Nintendo’s console. Keep in mind that the team hasn’t given the idea too much thought.

Sigurgeirsson said:

It feels like we’re considering and reassessing our options every week. Jools at Renegade Kid, Rhod at Dakko Dakko and many other indie devs are very brave to stand at the frontline for the Wii U, and we haven’t had time to give it very much thought yet – we’ve been up over our ears with the Steam version and its release. When we announced the Steam version I got a tweet from a Nintendo fan saying “Great! Now you have HD graphics, porting to Wii U can’t take more than an afternoon!” It takes a bit longer than that… 🙂 We’ll see where we go. With an acclaimed game in your back pocket, the future is full of interesting choices.


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