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steel diver

Q: “Is this a Steel Diver?” A: “Yes, indeed, that is a Steel Diver.” The sub from Steel Diver is now a cute projectile weapon–it launches torpedoes that fly slowly at first.

A pair of mysterious, still unannounced games developed and published by Nintendo have appeared in the form of classification decisions on the Australian government’s classification website. The first, Steeldiver Subwars, seems to be a sequel to the early, bargain-bin filling 3DS game. A multiplayer-focused, potentially free-to-play Steel Diver game was teased by Shigeru Miyamoto earlier this year and it appears that this is the game that Nintendo and Steel Diver developer Vitei were working on.

Unlike Steel Diver, we know next to nothing about the other Nintendo game classified – NES Remix. No developer aside from Nintendo was noted and it received a “G” rating for “violence with a very mild impact.” The fact it is already classified suggests that we might hear some news about what the heck it actually is fairly soon. I’d follow this up with Nintendo of Australia but I’m not sure how quickly they can reply to a letter.

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