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Super Smash Bros.

Shmuplations has translated an interview with Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai. But rather than a recently-published interview, the site went back into the archives of Nice Games magazine from 1999, in which Sakurai discussed the original N64 game and more.

There are a few interesting comments here, such as talk about the original prototypes for Smash Bros. and how it could have been an action-adventure game. Sakurai also talked about having to overcome the perception that it would be “cheap”, and being upset with some of the overseas reviews.

Super Smash Bros. is celebrating a big milestone today. As it’s already January 21 in Japan, the series is now twenty years old.

Masahiro Sakurai has been at the helm since the beginning, and had a few words to say about the occasion on Twitter. He passed along the following message:

Have you ever wondered what the Smash Bros. logo represents? During the latest episode of the Yoiko x Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video series, director Masahiro Sakurai commented on that very subject.

According to Sakurai, the intersecting lines are meant to show the “crossover” nature of the series. The circle divided into four sections represents 4-person multiplayer.

Though it’s in Japanese, you can watch the new Yoiko x Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video here.


In an interview with Game Informer, director Masahiro Sakurai spoke about the miracle that is creating a Super Smash Bros. titles.

Sakurai started out by explaining that these new games can’t be made unless the rights from all I.P. holders are granted. He says that for each installment, “we are walking a fine line.” Sakurai also discussed how the franchise has been able to continue even after he left HAL Laboratory.

The official Japanese Nintendo Twitter account has tweeted out that after E3, users in Japan will be able to try out the latest Super Smash Bros for Switch at three real-world tournaments on the following dates:

  • Rage 2018 Summer on June 17 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba
  • Jisedai World Hobby Fair 2018 Summer from June 23 to 24 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba
  • Jump Victory Carnival 2018 Tokyo on July 16 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba
  • Jump Victory Carnival 2018 Osaka on July 22 at Intex Osaka
  • Special thanks to Twitter user @serkantoto for the translation.


    Tiago Sonobe worked at Bandai Namco between April 2014 and August 2016 as a software engineer and graphics programmer. That same month, he moved over to Nintendo – also as a software engineer.

    Sonobe’s work history is notable due to an apparent tweet which has now been deleted (and his account as well). In his message, Sonobe mentions that he left Bandai Namco before the production on Smash Bros. Switch started. However, he further says he created the rendering engine it’s built on.

    Back when Nintendo was producing DLC for Smash Bros. Wii U / 3DS, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said he’d like to see Banjo included. Now that Smash Bros. is returning on Switch, fans are once again asking about the possibility of Banjo appearing.

    Nothing has changed with Spencer’s mindset over the past few years. When asked if he’s still willing to let Banjo – as well as Kazooie – show up in the new game, he shared a simple “Yep”.

    At the very end of yesterday’s Smash Bros. Switch reveal trailer, a bunch of characters were pictured, though only as small silhouettes. Twitter user NibrocRock has now cleaned up the image to give us a much better look at who was being teased. You can see the revised version below.

    Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed that he will have some involvement in the newest Smash Bros in a tweet. The team is hard at work on the game everyday, nothing too specific though is stated.

    Even before we truly knew what Switch was, rumors have persisted about Smash Bros. appearing on the new platform by featuring content from the games on Wii U and 3DS. Speculation has now picked up once again.

    Emily Rogers, who has been both spot on and occasionally off the mark with Nintendo rumors, claims that a Smash Bros. games will be announced and released for Switch later this year. Rogers further says that it will include new content as well as re-worked content from the Wii U and 3DS games.

    Rogers isn’t sure as to how Nintendo will brand the game. It’s possible that it could be a deluxe edition, some sort of sequel, or a full sequel.

    Thanks to LukasManak for the tip.