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Although some amiibo are losing their retailer exclusivity in North America, a new set of upcoming figures will be sold at just one store. It turns out that the amiibo for the Mii Fighters will be distributed at only Toys “R” Us. That information is based on the image above, which is a photo snapped from a display.

All of the Mii Fighters are scheduled for November 1. You’d have to think that after a few months have passed, the amiibo will be available at other retailers as well.

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A big amiibo restock appears to be in the way to Toys “R” Us. Roughly 26,000 units have been spotted in the retailer’s system for Little Mac, Lucario, and Captain Falcon. The number is even bigger for Villager – 80,000 units. Product should be making their way to Toys “R” Us soon.


Last month, a listing was spotted on Toys “R” Us for a physical version of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Director’s Cut. The game had been on track for September 8 (yes, tomorrow!), but it seems as though a delay has entered the picture. Toys “R” Us now lists Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Director’s Cut for October 9.

Thanks to Jared for the tip.

It’s official: the Bowser Jr. amiibo will only be available at Toys “R” Us in the United States. This was thought to be the case given how it’s also an exclusive in Canada.

Toys “R” Us tweeted out the following a short while ago:

Toys “R” Us put up a message on its Twitter account today indicating that it will be selling the Dark Hammer Slam Bowser figure later in the week. Moreover, this tweet was a suggestion of the retailer being the exclusive retailer for the Skylanders/amiibo. Unfortunately, it’s created a big misunderstanding.

Toys “R” Us will not be selling the standalone Dark Hammer Slam Bowser figure. Rather, pre-orders will be opening for the Skylanders SuperChargers Dark Edition, which will in fact be exclusive to Toys “R” Us. That makes sense given how Activision previously said that the Dark Edition figures would only be made available through Starter Packs. It’s still a stinky situation since, ultimately, the only way to obtain Dark Hammer Slam Bowser is by purchasing the Dark Edition Starter Pack for Wii at Toys “R” Us.


The Lucario and King Dedede amiibo are starting to reappear at Toys “R” Us – well, at least in one state. A Reddit user from Kansas managed to obtain both figures today. This could be an indication that other Toys “R” Us outlets around the United States will soon be receiving new inventory as well.

Aside from Lucario and King Dedede, the Marth amiibo should begin showing up again at Toys “R” Us starting on May 29. A separate Reddit user posted this photo earlier today:


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Yesterday, we heard that the Meta Knight amiibo could be potentially returning to Best Buy. Now we’re hearing something similar with the Lucario and King Dedede figures at Toys “R” Us.

Reddit user “ziggary”, an employee at the retailer, was able to find out that over 1,800 Lucario amiibo are sitting at one distribution center. There are also over 200 King Dedede units in the same area. It’s unclear if a restock is actually happening, but this is a positive sign.

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Toys “R” Us has a special pre-order offer running for Splatoon. If you reserve the game ($1), you’ll be able to purchase an amiibo for $5. The offer is valid on all amiibo figures.


Update: Good news! Toys “R” Us is reinstating orders. See the email below.


Toys “R” Us opened in-store pre-orders for the Greninja and Pac-Man amiibo yesterday. Greninja was naturally the main attraction here, as it’s exclusive to the retailer. Unfortunately, everything didn’t go as planned. Some consumers started receiving emails from Toys “R” Us today indicating their pre-orders have been cancelled due to a lack of stock.

There’s not much to say other than this is an absolutely awful situation. I can’t imagine getting up early and standing in line, only to have my pre-order randomly cancelled!


Toys “R” Us is holding a sale on toys-to-life products this week. All games, figures, and accessories are eligible for a buy 1, get 1 40% promotion. amiibo, Disney Infinity, and Skylanders items are eligible.

A complete listing of discounted products can be found here. The sale is valid through May 2.

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