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Two Tribes

When Two Tribes released EDGE on the Wii U eShop last week, the studio also confirmed a 3DS version. Two Tribes now estimates that the portable version will be out “on or before Christmas.”

The company wrote on Twitter a short while ago:


Two Tribes has provided a tentative launch date for RUSH on Wii U. As of now, the game is slated to arrive on December 12.

The studio said via Twitter:


EDGE is off to a fantastic start on the Wii U eShop. The title has become Two Tribes’ best-selling game on the digital store thus far, based on first day sales.

Two Tribes tweeted earlier today:




EDGE is out on the Wii U eShop today. If you were hoping for a portable version though, you’ll be pleased to hear that Two Tribes has officially confirmed EDGE for the 3DS.

Cosmigo is handling the port. It’ll be largely the same game as its Wii U counterpart, including the same number of levels. On Wii U, EDGE’s map is located in the corner of the main screen, but on 3DS, it’s been moved to the touch screen.


Two Tribes intends to share news about new titles starting next year. The company wrote on Twitter earlier today:

Two Tribes’ latest release was Toki Tori 2. The company has also been re-releasing some of its classic games on the Wii U eShop.


Two Tribes’ third and final classic game for the Wii U eShop is on track for launch next month. In a tweet published a short while ago, the studio revealed a tentative December 12 release for the downloadable title. You can expect RUSH out on that date if there are no unexpected problems.


Two Tribes will be releasing EDGE for Wii U next week, according to a listing on Nintendo’s website. The official page lists a November 21 release date for the eShop title. EDGE should be available for $1.99 when it becomes available.