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Two Tribes

Swords & Soldiers HD has successfully made it out of lot check in Europe without any issues. Presumably, Two Tribes won’t encounter any issues when submitting the North American version as well.

Two Tribes shared the news on Twitter through the following tweet:

Two Tribes originally hoped to have Swords & Soldiers HD out this month. The game probably won’t be ready next week, but will likely launch in May.


Two Tribes has confirmed on Twitter that Swords & Soldiers HD has now been submitted to Nintendo.

The studio wrote:

Two Tribes plans on releasing Swords & Soldiers HD on the Wii U eShop later this month.


Last week, Two Tribes reduced the price of EDGE, Rush, and Toki Tori. The studio tweeted out a graph earlier today showing how the price cuts affected the performance of the various games:

EDGE on 3DS – the color in red – experienced the biggest boost. All other lines are for the Wii U titles.

EDGE, RUSH, and Toki Tori are all available for just $1.99 each on the eShop.


Two Tribes has been answering a few fan questions about the newly-announced Swords & Soldiers HD on Twitter. We’ve rounded up some of the information below.

– Game can be played with touch or Wii Remote
– Hot swappable
– Won’t include the Super Saucy Sausage Fest DLC
– No discount for those who bought the WiiWare version
– Going to lotcheck next Tuesday
– Full touch control system on the GamePad
– 720p
– 60FPS
– Multiplayer is on two screens
– The two players will see different things on each screen
– DLC is possible if the game is a success
– Based on the iOS version, “but with increased graphical quality and added Wii Remote support.”
– “We simply took the maximum quality assets and update our iOS version.”
– No online multiplayer
– Running on Two Tribes’ engine
– Won’t work with the Pro Controller


Swords & Soldiers HD is coming to Wii U courtesy of Two Tribes, the studio announced today.

The game will offer the following:

The classic Swords & Soldiers experience.
Playable with custom touch scheme on gamepad.
Playable with Wii remote on TV.
Multiplayer mode combining gamepad and TV.
High res HD graphics compared to SD Wii release.

Swords & Soldiers HD will be available next month. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but it’ll apparently be fairly cheap.

Thanks to Brandon for the tip.


Last week, Two Tribes made some comments stating that there would never be another Toki Tori game. The studio explained that Toki Tori 2 simply didn’t generate the kind of sales that they had hoped for.

Two Tribes explained things further on Twitter today, stating that “there is no audience” for Toki Tori 3 and “that won’t change.”

Tweets form the company read:


Two Tribes is done making Toki Tori games. The studio’s Collin von Ginkel told NintendoLatino that after Toki Tori 2+ didn’t meet sales expectations, “we’ve decided that we are not going to be making a new Toki Tori game, ever.”

We could still see the character in the future, albeit in a much smaller role. Something like a cameo appearance or Easter egg would be possible.

Well, since Toki Tori 2 + did not perform as well as we had hoped, we’ve decided that we are not going to be making a new Toki Tori game, ever. He’ll be back in some Easter egg probably, but we are moving on and taking on other genres.


Two Tribes has put out three classic games on Wii U thus far: Toki Tori, RUSH, and EDGE. One more re-release appears to be on the way, based on a new tweet from the studio.

Earlier today, Two Tribes said on Twitter that it will reveal “a new classic coming to Wii U soon.”

The message in full:


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