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Unreal Engine 4

Nintendo Switch

Today, Unreal Engine received a new update. The tech now runs at version 4.20, and includes significant improvement for Switch development. Epic says it has brought about “tons of performance and memory improvements built for Fortnite on Nintendo Switch to all Unreal Engine developers!”

Below are the highlights:

According to a recent with Automoton, Epic Games Japan representative Takayuki Kawasaki said that there are currently 20 games built in Unreal Engine 4 being developed for the Switch.

In the interview, Kawasaki went on to say that there may be “even more” in development now and that progress on adding Switch support for the free version of Unreal Engine 4 is happening soon.

On Unreal Engine 4 support for Switch in general:

A new listing on Nintendo’s job site includes a mention of Unreal Engine 4. The company is seeking a software engineer who is familiar with “existing game engines.” Unreal Engine 4 is the only one specifically mentioned.

Nintendo’s listing makes note of the following:

We are seeking an engineer to join a team responsible for design, development, debug and delivery of system drivers and tools for Nintendo gaming systems. The successful candidate will be a high-energy problem-solver with a passion for excellence and a proven track record. We are looking for people who are excellent team players, and who also work well on individual assignments. In addition, the successful candidate will be a high-energy problem-solver with a passion for excellence. An interest in system software is essential. In this position, the engineer will receive a very rewarding experience working with key technologies for gaming systems.

The listing is naturally causing speculation about what this could mean for NX. Most had assumed that the technology would be compatible, however – anything else would be very surprising.

Thanks to uPadWatcher for the tip.

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It was recently announced that Armature will be porting Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night to Wii U. That also means that the developer will be working with Unreal 4 on Nintendo’s console for the first time.

Since Unreal Engine 4 games on Wii U is a relatively new thing, Armature said it will be sharing its code with other developers. But what exactly does this mean? In an update posted to the company’s website, Armature explained:

We didn’t provide very many details, and there’s been some confusion, so we just wanted to clear a few things up.

What we are planning to do is share the WiiU and Vita modifications to UE4 for Bloodstained after the game ships with authorized developers for the respective platforms (and we’re not sure how we’ll deliver the code, it’s a bit complicated because of all the parties involved).

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