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Valkyria Chronicles 4

A Season Pass for Valkyria Chronicles 4 was announced today by Sega on the official Japanese website. The Season Pass will cost 4,000 yen in Japan and will grant users access to four pieces of post-launch downloadable content.

We have the details and release dates for the additional content translated courtesy of Gematsu.

Squad E, to the Sea!” (1,620 yen) – March 29

September, 1935 EC. The Federate Army attained a closed victory in the Battle of Sigwart, but in the midst of the army’s regruping, a certain order was issued to Squad E. A mission to gain control of the Empire’s most important supply route. Claude and company, who invaded the enemy’s transportation base, will have a showdown at the blue sea and white sandy beach of the Empire spread out there—.

*This scenario can be played after clearing Chapter 10. Clearing this scenario will unlock swimsuit costumes for Claude, Riley, Raz, Kai, and Minerva.

Captainless Squad E” (1,080 yen) – April 5

Winter, 1935 EC—. Squad E linked up with the snow cruiser Centurion, but one day noticed the absence of the medic dog Ragnarok. The squad members that forgot to look after Ragnarok decided to depart on a reconnaissance mission to find Ragnarok in Claude and company’s absence. However, little do they know, it will be the start of a “picnic” that they could not have forseen coming…

*This scenario can be played after clearing Chapter 10.

Raid Battle Hard-Ex” (1,080 yen) – April 12

Relief requests come in from a deathly battlefield. Six points on the battlefield were requesting relief, which Squad E must hit one by one. Can the elite Squad E respond to the relief reuqests on this chaotic battlfield!?

*This scenario can be played after clearing Chapter 18.

The Two Valkyrias” (1,620 yen) – April 19

1933 EC. Sigwart Line, “the wall to victory,” finally saw its completion. However, behind the scenes, the determined to succeed Crymaria was about to take the Special Abilities Investigation Test. The auditor dispatched for her test was Imperial Army commander Selvaria Bles. Will the experiment be scrapped or continue? Crymaria’s fate was left to the two Valkyrias’ chance meeting.

*This scenario can be played after clearing Chapter 18. Clearing this scenario will unlock a unit and swimsuit costumes for Crymaria, Nikola, Chiara, and Selvaria.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will be out on the Switch this summer in Japan and then later this year in fall in the Americas and Europe.

SEGA has released another new Japanese trailer for Valkyria Chronicles 4. This one shows off various terrain and stage hazards like mines and weather conditions:

SEGA has narrowed down the release window for Valkyria Chronicles 4 in the west slightly. Though we previously knew it was planned for this year, we can now say it’s coming this fall. That applies to both North America and Europe.

Retailers have started listing Valkyria Chronicles 4 for October 16. However, we don’t believe there’s much merit as that’s just a placeholder data.

You can access Valkyria Chronicles 4’s new English website here.

SEGA published another Valkyria Chronicles 4 trailer today. This one is about the Centurion, a giant snow cruiser battleship that not only has story relevance, but can actually be used in combat as well. Watch the trailer below:


SEGA published another (Japanese) trailer for Valkyria Chronicles 4 today. This one gives an overview of the game’s combat system:

During a preview event for Valkyria Chronicles 4 in Japan this weekend, SEGA shared new details about the game. The team talked how long the game has been in development, the decision to give a heavy focus to snowy maps, and more. You can find a full roundup of information below.

IGN Japan posted a new Valkyria Chronicles 4 video containing 18 minutes of footage. You can watch all of the gameplay below.

SEGA has released another character trailer for Valkyria Chronicles 4, featuring more characters from the Federation, specifically Angelica Farnaby, Minerva Victor, Karen Stewart, Miles Abegg, Ronald Albee, Dan Bentley and several characters from the Edinburgh Navy. Watch the trailer below:

Squad E has two more soilders to show off being Viola the shocktrooper and Connor the grenadier. You can see both down below.

SEGA has shared a new character trailer and artwork (seen above) from the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles 4. The footage highlights captain of Squad F, Minerva Viktor. You can watch the video from the tweet below:

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