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Wargroove 2

Wargroove 2 update 1.2.5 Multiplayer Ranking

Wargroove 2 is now at version 1.2.5 with its new “Multiplayer Ranking” update.

The big thing here is a new player rating for multiplayer matchmaking, which starts at 1200. Players will see a new screen after a quickplay match showing how your rank has changed. The Quickplay Map pool is also seeing some updates, balance changes were implemented, and bugs were fixed.

Here’s the full rundown:

Wargroove 2 update 1.2.3

Wargroove 2 received a new update today, and the game has started distribution of version 1.2.3.

The update includes a ton of different fixes. Softlocks, crashes, and more have been addressed. 

Here’s the full rundown:

Wargroove 2 launch trailer

Wargroove 2 comes to Switch today, and we have a final launch trailer from Chucklefish. This follows the previous title that debuted in 2019.

Here’s some information about the new game:

Wargroove 2 release date

Wargroove 2 is almost here, and a release date has now been announced. The title launches on October 5, 2023.

Wargroove 2, the turn-based strategy sequel, was previously announced in March. Chucklefish didn’t initially talk about launch timing.

Wargroove 2

Chucklefish, in partnership with Robotality, has announced Wargroove 2, a sequel to its turn-based tactics game. A release window has not yet been shared, but it’ll be on Switch in the future.

Wargroove builds on the 2019 game with new features. One new feature is Conquest, a roguelike single-player game mode with permanent choices. There’ll also be a new story set three years after Queen Mercia and her allies were defeated.

Here’s an official overview:

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