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LEGO Dimensions – Chase McCain video

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Aside from The Goonies, LEGO Dimensions is also adding a new pack based on LEGO City Undercover this week. Find a new spotlight video for Chase McCain below.

A new wave of LEGO Dimensions are arriving this coming week, including a level pack based on The Goonies. You can view a video for the Sloth character below.

The new versions of LEGO City Undercover launched in the UK last Friday. With two days of sales, it debuted in the eighth position, just behind Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Chart-Track’s individual rankings showed that the Switch version of LEGO City Undercover came out on top. On Nintendo’s console, it was the 14th best-selling game. PS4 and Xbox One followed at #26 and #32 respectively.

Digital Foundry has a new comparison video up for LEGO City Undercover. We’re able to get a better look as to how the Switch version compares to the PlayStation 4 and original Wii U releases.

If you’re looking at how LEGO City Undercover has changed since the four years it came to Wii U, the game now features a redone lighting system along with upgrades to the effects pipeline, the quality of the shaders, the detail in the core art assets and normal maps, and more.

LEGO City Undercover does feature enhanced loading times compared to the Wii U original. However, the improvements weren’t as significant as many had initially hoped.

You may be able to improve the situation by installing LEGO City Undercover to Switch’s internal memory rather than using the physical cartridge version. We’ve heard that Zelda: Breath of the Wild also loads quicker when playing this way as well, but with Warner Bros. and TT Games’ new release, it appears to make even more of a difference.

We’ve already seen LEGO City Undercover on Switch compared to the new PlayStation 4 version. But how does it stack up to the original game? Nintendo Life answers that question with the video below. Wii U is on the left, Switch is on the right.

Following today’s official announcement of Cars 3: Driven to Win, we have additional assets for the game. First up is the Switch and Wii U boxart attached above. Below are some screenshots from the game.

Cars 3: Driven to Win is out on June 13. Pre-orders are open at Amazon and GameStop.

Warner Bros. shared first details about Cars 3: Driven to Win, which is being created by Disney Infinity developer Avalanche Software.

Here’s the full overview:

“Picking up after the final big race in the film, Cars 3: Driven to Win extends the storyline of Cars 3 with all-new action packed adventures and takes players through a high-speed competition that is filled with both familiar and new faces. Players will be able to join Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez as they prepare to take on rival racer Jackson Storm. The game features more than 20 customization playable characters including popular heroes from the Cars franchise and next generation racers. Players can also select their favourite race environments from a series of iconic settings from the film, such as Radiator Springs and Florida International Speedway, with over 20 unique tracks to choose from across 13 different locations.

Cars 3: Driven to Win is a game that empowers players to master their driving skills for the ultimate competitive racing experience. With six thrilling modes for gamers to learn and advance their abilities, players can progress their character through training and tests of racing proficiency that unlock new modes, tracks, characters and more. Players can hone a wide variety of skills and abilities including Drifting, Turbo, Two-wheel Driving, Driving Backwards and Side-Bash. Each unique mode and ability allows players to explore the deeper gameplay mechanics and earn rewards for their expertise. Cars 3: Driven to Win provides an exhilarating, action-packed experience where training and skill give players an edge in a racing experience that anyone can win.”

Cars 3: Driven to Win will also let players experience the game “with their friends or on their own to perfect the various racing styles and modes available to them.” A local split-screen cooperative mode is included so that players can compete or team up with others.

Cars 3: Driven to Win launches on Switch and Wii U on June 13. View the first trailer below.

Source: Warner Bros. Interactive PR

LEGO City Undercover was published on Switch yesterday, but it also reached other new platforms – including the PlayStation 4. Get a look at how the two versions stack up against each other below.

LEGO City Undercover is out today. Alongside the release, Warner Bros. and TT Games have prepared a patch for the game. Players can now download version 1.0.1.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear what the update entails. It’s hefty though, requiring 479MB of space. We’ll let you know if we hear anything further about the update.

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