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XIII remake gameplay

The remake of XIII appeared on Switch this week after a number of delays, and new gameplay offers up a look at the finished product. 24 minutes of footage is available showing a look at the updated shooter.

Everything you need to know about XIII can be found in the following overview:

XIII remake trailer

Microids has shared a Switch-specific trailer for the remake of XIII.

The remake was first announced in September 2019. It had an initial launch – and a very rough one at that – the following year, but not on Switch. Due to negative feedback, Microids went back to the drawing board and implemented fixes plus adjustments while adding online multiplayer. Tower Five, a studio brought in for the updated version, also redid the art direction, AI, and more. Switch will now be getting this updated version.

Here’s everything you need to know about XIII:

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XIII Switch

Microids has provided an update on the Switch version of the XIII remake, revealing that it will launch on September 13, 2022.

The game originally launched in 2020. Microids delayed the Switch version to 2021 just before launch, but it would later quietly slipped into 2022.


Microids and Playmagic have readied a new trailer for the XIII remake, a redone version of the GameCube shooter from 2003. Have a look at the video below.

The XIII remake launches for Switch in 2021.


The Switch version of the XIII remake will not be releasing next month as originally expected. Instead, it will now launch sometime in 2021.

It was assumed that the Switch version would not be arriving on time after the game’s latest trailer lacked the Switch logo. Microids and Playmagic now made it official today.

We’ll share the new release date for the XIII remake on Switch as soon as we have it.



Microids and Playmagic have come out with a new trailer for the XIII remake. Have a look at the video below.

You’ll notice that at the end of today’s trailer, the Switch logo is nowhere to be found. If we had to guess, we’ll no longer be seeing the Switch version in November as originally planned. We’ve reached out to Microids about the situation, and will let you know if they respond to our inquiry.

Microids and Playmagic have shared an official trailer for XIII, a remake of Ubisoft’s shooter from the GameCube era. Watch it below.

XIII launches physically and digitally for Switch on November 10.

XIII originally launched back in November of 2013. With its detailed art style, fantastic story, and cel-shaded graphics, it fast became a hit. Now, due to a listing from Amazon Spain, we know that there are only a handful of months to go before players can enjoy the title on modern hardware. It does look like there will be a special edition in at least some regions, with a metal case, 3 art cards, and in-game DLC included. Take a look at the collection here, as well as a translated overview via Gematsu:

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Microids has issued a new batch of screenshots from XIII, a remake of Ubisoft’s shooter that originally released during the GameCube era. Have a look at the latest images below.

XIII was originally planned to launch this year. However, Microids ended up pushing the title into 2020 to allow for extra development time.


Microids has shared the first screenshots for XIII, a remake of Ubisoft’s first-person shooter that is coming to Switch. Have a look at the images below.

XIII launches for Switch in 2020.


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