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Yoshi’s Woolly World

– 3 levels in the E3 demo
– First 2 levels have a lot of secrets
– In the first level, you had to reveal hidden clouds
– In the third level, there is a different type of egg you that was an unknown Yoshi enemy
– You could shoot it to form a cloud path
– Line up the cloud paths and carry and boulder to crush a Piranha Plant or a wall to unlock a secret
– Still collect 5 flowers
– Most of these are hidden in nooks and crannies behind question-mark clouds
– Game doesn’t keep the red coins or the counter
– Yoshi is also looking for three pieces of Wonder Wool in each level
– There were some rote scenic transformations involving unraveling yarn
– A lot of the scene transformation magic of Epic Yarn doesn’t seem to be present in Woolly World
– Yoshi does transform quite a bit
– When he flutters, his legs turn into a propeller
– When he ground pounds, his body turns into a hammer


We haven’t heard about Yarn Yoshi since the January 2013, but the game finally reappeared today during Nintendo’s Digital Event. The game is now known as “Yoshi’s Woolly World”.

Here’s what we know:

– Not just a direct sequel to Kirby’s Epic Yarn
– Now that they are working with depth / a 3rd dimension, they had to focus on that in development Yoshi games, unlike Mario games do not have a time limit so you are able to vastly explore the game world
– Turning out to be an action game with the ability to have fun in a wide variety of ways
– As they were thinking about how to build the game, it was built with exploration as the focus
– 2 player mode is in the game, 2 Yoshi’s appear and are able to help each other out