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Yurie Hattori

VG247 has published a new interview with Kirby Triple Deluxe director Shinya Kumazaki, HAL Laboratory managing director Yurie Hattori, and the team’s public relations staff Satoshi Ishida. One of the more interesting responses came about when Kumazaki and Hattori were asked about potential interest in making a fully 3D Kirby game somewhat like Super Mario Galaxy.

Both of the Kirby devs expressed significant interest in creating such a title, with Kumazaki stating that he believes “there are also more than a few users who’d appreciate being able to freely run around a sprawling map, fighting with copy abilities.” He also said, “I hope that one of our next challenges will be to produce a Kirby game in full 3D that still maintains the same depth of play our fans have come to expect.”

Check out Kumazaki and Hattori’s complete comments below.

CVG has put up a new interview with Kirby Triple Deluxe director Shinya Kumazaki and Nintendo director Yurie Hattori. As you would expect, most of the discussion pertains to the upcoming 3DS game, but there’s also some interesting comments about HAL’s relationship with Nintendo.

For Shinya and Kumazki’s full comments, head past the break.