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GameXplain was given an opportunity to get a closer look at the Fire Emblem Echoes amiibo. Some snapshots of the Alm and Celica figures can be seen in the video below.

The Pokemon anime is continuing, but this time on a new network. It was announced today that Disney XD will begin airing Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon on May 12.

Here’s the official overview:

“The adventures of Ash and friends continue in the Alola region with the debut of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon on Friday, May 12! Our heroes have many exciting new Pokémon to discover and interesting people to learn from along the way. More new faces will help guide Ash’s latest journeys—but frequent foes Team Rocket have also made the trip to Alola, looking to swipe some high-powered new Pokémon. They’ll have competition from the ruffians of Team Skull, who delight in causing chaos and may have more sinister intentions…”

Fans can watch the first two episodes of Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon on May 12 at 9 PM. The third will air the next morning at 9 AM, the normal viewing time. Disney XD will also be showing a special presentation of Pokemon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel on Saturday at 5 PM.


Edmund McMillen, creator of The Binding of Isaac, is asking fans if they’d buy an Isaac amiibo. McMillen put out a poll on Twitter to gauge interest (see it here, has a bit of strong language).

Indies have rarely taken the opportunity to create their own amiibo. Yacht Club Games is the only studio to have taken on the challenge, having created a Shovel Knight figure last year.

Is an Isaac amiibo something you want to see happen? Would you buy one?


GameStop is currently taking pre-orders for a Smash Bros. amiibo bundle. It has both versions of Cloud and the standard versions of Bayonetta plus Corrin. The set is located here. By pre-ordering this package, you might be able to save on shipping.

CoroCoro has announced that a new manga based on Splatoon is on the way. This will be kicking off with the magazine’s June issue, releasing on May 15. The May issue comes with a full-color preview chapter for the manga.

As for the March edition of CoroCoro, that has a pamphlet with a one-shot manga adaptation of Splatoon 2. Sankichi Hinodeya, who is leading the way on the new manga, drew the one-shot. You can view the full pamphlet with the one-shot manga online here.


The end of the NES Classic Edition truly is a worldwide affair. It started out with Nintendo of America stating that production is ending in the states this month. Over in Japan, the Famicom Mini is also coming to an end – for now at least, but likely permanently.

We have news about two other regions as well. In Australia and Italy, Nintendo is providing the following statement:

“We can confirm that we are no longer manufacturing the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System. If production resumes in the future, an update will be posted on the official Nintendo website.”

So that’s pretty much it, folks. It’s looking the end is here for the NES Classic Edition / NES Mini / Famicom Mini. That decision won’t many sense to many, but that’s where things stand now.

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Nintendo unveiled a bunch of new amiibo this week. New figures in the Zelda, Smash Bros., and Splatoon line are slated for the summer.

On its various Twitter accounts, Nintendo has been posting photos of the amiibo showing them in greater detail. We’ve rounded them up below.

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This week’s Nintendo Minute has gone live. In today’s episode, Kit and Krysta do a rapid fire Q&A with each other. Watch the full video below.

Last month, Nintendo opened up Zelda and Mario portals on its Japanese website, which serve as information hubs for these two franchises and its characters. Today, the Mario portal was updated because of the impending release of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch.

The character portal was updated to include Daisy, Yoshi, Wario and Waluigi. You can read brief descriptions of them there and listen to some voice clips. Much more impressive is the Mario Kart retrospective that was added to the portal. It lists every title released so far in the Mario Kart franchise and you can listen to some music clips while looking at screenshots and artwork from each game.


Earlier today, Nintendo confirmed that the NES Classic Edition is ending production in North America. Final shipments for the year are being sent out to retailers throughout this month. We’re hearing that the situation is somewhat similar in Japan.

On the official Famicom Mini website, Nintendo writes that the hardware has temporarily ended production. It’s not made clear if and when production will resume. Given the situation in North America, it wouldn’t be surprising if this ended up being a permanent move.


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