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Update 3: Sold out yet again.

Update 2 (2/14): Back up on Amazon Canada. It’s $26 off and ships to the U.S.

Update: This has now sold out again.

Original (1/31): Amazon Canada is again taking pre-orders for The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts Limited Edition. Even better, it’s been discounted by $22. For those who missed out on U.S. pre-orders, you’ll be happy to know that this ships stateside.

Yesterday, a retailer in Scandinavia claimed that production for the NES Classic Edition (otherwise known as the NES Mini) would soon be ending. That prompted some concerns about the hardware’s status worldwide.

Thankfully, Nintendo of Europe has followed up with a quick comment and has clarified the situation. “Production for the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES continues, and NOE [Nintendo of Europe] will continue to ship units to retail on a regular basis,” a Nintendo UK representative told TechRadar.

Nintendo’s comment should put worries about the NES Classic Edition leaving the market to rest.


TIME is back with yet another Nintendo-centric interview. In its latest piece, the site chats with Shigeru Miyamoto about Switch (including the involvement from late president Satoru Iwata and HD rumble), virtual reality, stories in games and more.

Per usual, we’ve picked out important comments below. TIME has the full interview here.

Nintendo has mentioned several times as of late that the NES Classic Edition will be restocked. Despite that, Nintendo’s Nordic distributor Bergsala claims that the hardware is being phased out, and production has ended. A few more shipments will be sent before stock runs out – possibly around April or May.

Norwegian retailer Spillsjappa also posted the following on Facebook:

It’s official now.
NES Classic Edition has expired from Nordic Nintendo importer bergsala ab.
This is tragic for us and our clients when they won’t fulfill orders we accepted in July 2016.
There will be deliveries in March and April and then it’s over 🙁
We will contact everyone standing in line with us and those who sat in line last will get the sad news by email first.
We will still follow queue to the letter and of course those who’s first at all times will get delivered first.

The status of the NES Classic Edition in the rest of the world remains to be seen. It would definitely be odd to see Nintendo pull the plug on the system knowing how many interested consumers still haven’t been able to secure a unit.

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Today, Amazon announced that a new animated series is in the works based on Double Fine’s Costume Quest. Prime members will be able to watch the show at some point next year.

Here’s the official overview:

“Based on the smash video game series by Double Fine Productions (Psychonauts, Broken Age) and the world originally created by Tasha Sounart, Costume Quest is a funny and mysterious animated series aimed at six to 11-year-olds. The show stars four kids facing off against the dark forces lurking in the shadows of their sleepy town of Auburn Pines. To overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, they must learn to unlock and master the magical powers of supernormal costumes—with each costume comes a new set of transformations and powers.”

Frederator Studios is handling the Costume Quest series. It will be executive produced by Will McRobb (The Adventures of Pete & Pete) who also serves as story editor, as well as Frederator Studios’ Fred Seibert (The Fairly OddParents), Kevin Kolde (Adventure Time) and Eric Homan (Adventure Time).


Fire Emblem 0’s latest live stream is now finished. During the event, plenty of cards were shown from the next two upcoming series (series 8 and 9).

Here’s the full rundown of the event from Serenes Forest’s Kirie:

Cipher Winter Livestream Caps & Summary!

Fire Emblem 0 series 8 kicks off in Japan on March 17. Series 9 debuts on June 22.


Dark Horse has come out with a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Art & Artifacts to promote the book’s arrival later this month. Have a look at the video below.

First 4 Figures will soon be releasing a new Link statue based on the character’s appearance in Breath of the Wild. On its YouTube channel, the company provides fans with a look at the figure’s creation straight from the assembly line. Check out the video below.

There’s no question that Ganondorf’s design in Ocarina of Time is extremely iconic. Ganon had appeared in previous titles in beast form, but the N64 game was Nintendo’s first attempt at giving him a humanoid form. Ganondorf’s look turned out well in the end fortunately, but it took some time to get there.

A couple of Nintendo artists spoke about creating Ganondorf’s design in the new Zelda: Art & Artifacts book. As the person in charge of enemies for Ocarina of Time, the job of making his model was left to Satoru Takizawa, who accomplished the task done after much trial and error.

Takizawa’s first attempt at Ganondorf resulted in a model that was actually “a lot thinner, and his head almost looked bird-like.” As for Yusuke Nakano, he came up with an illustration that had “wide-open eyes.” According to Takizawa, the art for Ganondorf “initially looked like a brute who had nothing but raw strength.”

Here’s the full discussion from Zelda: Art & Artifacts about Ganondorf’s design in Ocarina of Time:

This week’s episode of Nintendo Minute has gone live. In today’s video, Kit and Krysta offer a tour of the new Zelda: Art & Artifacts book. Take a look at the full episode below.

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