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Smash Bros. future Sakurai

Masahiro Sakurai posted another video on his YouTube channel today, which delves into the making of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and once again includes a brief comment about the series’ future. A good amount here was known previously, but it’s worth a watch in any case.

Sakurai started out by talking about the concept of bringing back all fighters and general development such as how the team didn’t need to start over completely since Bandai Namco was brought back and there’s “some similar architecture” between Switch and Wii U. The team was able to move on right from Bayonetta as DLC for Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS right into Smash Bros. Ultimate. Sakurai came up with a lengthy proposal regarding new feature and adjustments, which even included the possibility of VR support before Nintendo Labo was announced.

Doug Bowser new Mario voice

Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser has briefly commented on the secrecy surrounding new Mario voice actor.

The company announced in August that Charles Martinet, who held the role for many years, would be moving on. However, Nintendo left fans guessing as to who would be taking over the part. It wasn’t until just a few days before the release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder came out that we learned Kevin Afghani was given the role – and that came from his own personal social media account. 

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Elephant Mario plush

If you just can’t get enough of Super Mario Bros. Wonder and the Elephant Mario transformation, you’ll be happy to hear that a brand new plush is on the way.

San-ei Boeki is behind the new product, which is on track for a debut in mid January 2024. For those that are curious, the plushie comes in at 26cm tall. The dimensions are W15 x D14 x H26cm and it’s made of polyester. Not much else has been said about the plush, but admittedly, there isn’t much else you need to know.

Nintendo updated its website today with new Community Tournament Guidelines. Although the article isn’t up yet in North America, since it’s been posted in Europe and Japan, the content should hold the same for North America as well.

Nintendo says that its guidelines are for those “hosting not-for-profit, small scale community tournaments (Community Tournaments) involving games for which Nintendo owns the copyright (Nintendo games).” The company advises fans to become familiar with them if they plan on setting up a tournament.


Metroid Prime Samus Varia Suit statue

First 4 Figures opened pre-orders for its latest Nintendo statue today, and is going back to the Metroid Prime well with a new Varia Suit statue for Samus.

The company says it “faithfully recreated the Varia Suit with its sleek design and iconic components.” Included on the base is a version of the Screw Attack emblem. It even comes with two interchangeable arms, which lets Samus be posed with her left hand on her hip or with her arm by her side and her hand in a fist. We’ll also mention the LED light-up function that is able to “bring Samus to life.” The lights provide a glow to the suit, including the helmet, Arm Cannon, and green stripes.

Nintendo crunch deadlines

Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser has again commented on crunch, and reconfirmed that the company doesn’t pressure its teams to meet a certain deadline.

Bowser was asked about the subject in a recent interview with Inverse. The site brought up the recent news topic about how the Super Mario Bros. Wonder development team wasn’t given a deadline during its prototype stage.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder My Nintendo reward keychain

My Nintendo is celebrating the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder with a new physical reward, and members can spend their points on a new double keychain.

The keychain features Mario with a Wonder Flower along with Elephant Mario. Additionally, it has a colorful strap that shows off the new Elephant Fruit, Drill Mushroom, Wonder Flower, and Wonder Seed.

Now that Microsoft has officially acquired Activision Blizzard King, it owns a bunch of different franchises – including Call of Duty. As previously reported, Microsoft entered a 10-year commitment to bring the IP to Nintendo platforms. Xbox boss Phil Spencer commented again on what to expect in a recent interview.

During the Xbox Podcast, he mentioned how he wants Nintendo players “to feel 100 percent part of the community.” He also said that Microsoft intends to have “100 percent parity across all platforms as much as we can for launch and content.”

Kevin Afghani has come forward as the new voice of Mario, confirming that he’s handling the character in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. He will also be playing Luigi.

Yesterday, rumors swirled that Mick Wingert would be taking over the role after a store demo for the game was datamined. However, while his representative confirmed his involvement, we also received confirmation that he wouldn’t be playing Mario.

Activision Blizzard King Microsoft acquisition

Original: United Kingdom antitrust regulator Competition and Markets Authority has now approved Microsoft’s transaction to acquire Activision Blizzard King.

This was the final step in getting the deal approved. It had received the go ahead in all other necessary countries, but was previously denied by the UK in April.

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