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Pixel Perfex is back with a new video for Earth Atlantis, which is coming to Switch. Watch the “Sea Monsters” teaser trailer below.

WildKid releasing on Switch

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Earlier today, Circle Entertainment announced plans to publish Koi and Shelter Generations on Switch. Those won’t be their only two games for Nintendo’s console, however.

A brief Twitter message from Circle also reveals that WildKid is coming to Switch. We don’t know much, but it will be exclusive to Switch and is being made by a Chinese developer. Stay tuned for more information.


The Takeover set for Switch

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The Takeover is making its way to Switch. That’s according to a note included on the official Twitter account.

The Takeover is developed by Pelikan13, who was the original creator of The 90’s Arcade Racer (now seemingly known as ’90s Super GP, and it’s Switch-bound). It takes inspiration from classics like Streets of Rage, and plays as a beat ’em up.

Here’s a brief overview:

The TakeOver is at heart and old school beat ’em up inspired by games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. Although the gameplay is based on these classic games it offers an extended combo system, fast gameplay and modern visuals. Using a combination of full 3D backgrounds and high definition pre rendered sprites the game is designed with Full HD in mind.

And a trailer:

Source, Via

Circle Entertainment has announced that two of their games, Koi and Shelter Generations, are making their way to the Nintendo Switch.

Koi, previously released on the Wii U, is a colorful adventure game where you control a koi fish. Shelter Generations, on the other hand, seems to be a new title in the same line as Shelter and Shelter 2.


OlliOlli and OlliOlli 2 may have a chance of coming to Switch. On Twitter, Roll7 put out a tweet noting that the team is thinking about porting both titles to Switch. It could be considered “even more seriously” if the tweet below receives 500 likes.

The first OlliOlli came to both Wii U and 3DS in 2015. The sequel never made it to any Nintendo platform, however.


The European Switch eShop has updated with a listing showing this week’s NeoGeo game on Switch. Starting this Thursday, Puzzled will be available for download.

Here’s a brief overview:

Puzzled is a puzzle game released by SNK in 1990. Control Rad’s airship and Am’sair balloon, and make your way up through the block-filled Tower of the Sun in order to meet the God of Gun. Embark on an exciting adventure that will send you to the puzzle skies!

ACA NeoGeo Puzzled will cost $7.99 / €6.99 / £6.29.

Source: Switch eShop

Ratalakia Games is teaming up with Stately Snail to port One More Dungeon to new platforms, including Switch. The two sides announced today that the cave exploration action RPG will appear on Switch later this year.

We have more details about One More Dungeon below, along with a trailer.

Bomber Crew heading to Switch

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Curve Digital has been on a roll with Switch game announcements. Today, the publisher continued its streak with Bomber Crew, a game originally developed by Runner Duck Games.

Bomber Crew is a simulation game about managing a bomber and its crew. A release window has not yet been announced, but we have some further information and a trailer below.

Players will find themselves deep behind enemy lines, attempting to destroy their most coveted assets, while dealing with various hazards such as flak guns, enemy radar, weather and dreaded Ace Pilots.

Recruiting, training and guiding the right crew, and keeping them alive, is vital in turning the tides of war and achieving success on your bombing campaign.

Source: Curve Digital PR

Update: Shin’en has now stepped forward with the news officially. The update launches in September.

We’ll have more from Shin’en in the near future.

Original: Shin’en isn’t done with its Switch eShop game FAST RMX. In an interview with Nintendo Everything, the studio revealed that a new update is in the works.

Shin’en tells us that the update will add new tracks and new cups. It will be free from what we understand – you won’t need to pay anything extra.

FAST RMX will also debut in Japan for the first time soon.

Shin’en should be sharing more about the FAST RMX update very soon.

This week’s Famitsu review scores are as follows:

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 (3DS) – 8/8/8/9
Undertale (PS4/PSV) – 8/9/8/8
Sonic Mania (NSW/PS4/XBO) – 8/8/8/8
Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon (NSW/PS4/PSV) – 8/8/8/7
Graceful Explosion Machine (NSW/PS4) – 8/7/8/7
Jake Hunter Detective Story: Ghost of the Dusk (3DS) – 7/8/8/7
FlatOut 4: Total Insanity (PS4) – 8/7/7/8
Crank In (PSV) – 7/7/8/7
Infinite Minigolf (NWS/PS4) – 7/7/8/7
Sundered (PS4) – 7/8/7/7
Puzzle Adventure Blockle (NSW) – 7/7/7/7
Smashbox Arena (PSVR) – 7/7/7/6

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