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Garlant: My Story

As part of its Tokyo Game Show reveals, Gamera Games announced today that it’s partnering with Flt Studio to put Garlant: My Story on Switch. Look for it in Q4 2023.

Garlant: My Story features roguelike, farming sim, and RPG elements. We have more information about it in the following overview:

Volcano Princess

Publisher Gamera Games and developer Egg Hatcher announced today that they’re working together to bring Volcano Princess to Switch, which previously hit PC. A release date was not shared.

Volcano Princess is an RPG-parenting sim in which decisions players make affect their daughter’s future and the entire empire. Additional information can be found in the following overview:

RIN: The Last Child delayed

Klabater and Space Fox Games have announced that RIN: The Last Child has been delayed.

The title was previously expected today. However, it has now been pushed back to Q4 2023 across all platforms.

My Lovely Empress

My Lovely Empress is coming to Switch, publisher Neon Doctrine and developer GameChanger Studio announced at the Tokyo Game Show today. A release is planned for 2024.

My Lovely Empress follows in the footsteps of My Lovely Daughter and My Lovely Wife, both of which are on Switch. As for the new game, we have the following details:

Altheia The Wrath of Aferi

Publisher Neon Doctrine, along with developer MarsLit Games, today announced Altheia: The Wrath of Aferi. It’s planned for Switch, but there’s no word yet on launch timing.

Altheia: The Wrath of Aferi is a fantasy adventure game in which a sword–wielding Guardian and an arcane Monk must work together to defeat the Void corrupting their home, and players will explore ruined temples, solve environmental puzzles, rescue spirits, and defeat giant Void monsters. Further details can be found in the following overview:

Publisher CFK has just announced that Some Some Convenience Store‘s Switch release has suffered a slight delay. The game will now be coming to the system in Spring 2024.

Some Some Convenience Store was originally announced for Switch earlier this year, and had at the time been planned to release later this year. 

You can find more information on the business and romance-based visual novel below:

Publisher Cosmo Machia has just announced that their latest shoot ’em up game Triggerheart Exelica will be landing on Switch later this year. The title will be made available on the system starting December 14.

Triggerheart Exelica seems to be an enhanced port of the 2006 arcade game of the same name. On top of the Arcade and Story modes, the game will also offer new features such as training, vertical screen, and online rankings modes. You’ll also be able to listen to the game’s music in a new sound mode, which will feature additional arranged music.

For more information, you can check a story synopsis and character descriptions for Triggerheart Exelica below.

My Hero Ultra Rumble release date

At the 2023 Tokyo Game Show today, Bandai Namco and Byking provided a release date for My Hero Ultra Rumble. As it turns out, it’s just a few days away with the launch scheduled for September 28.

My Hero Ultra Rumble was first announced for Switch at the very start of 2022. However, Bandai Namco has been keeping quiet on any sort of launch timing until today.

MythForce review

System: Switch
Release date: September 12, 2023
Developer: Beamdog
Publisher: Aspyr

Booting up MythForce on Switch, and the first thing you’re met with is an uncomfortably long loading screen. After that, you’re treated to an animated intro that aims to mimic Saturday morning cartoons of the 80s – think “Thundercats” and “He-Man, Masters of the Universe”. It’s cute enough to induce a smile the first time around, but if you look past the nearly 40-year old stylistic veneer and the cheesy theme tune, you’re left with a game that sadly doesn’t know what to do with itself. It’s as though developer Beamdog started with the concept of a cartoon co-op rogue-lite, and then carried it through to its most saccharine, predictable conclusion.

Yohane the Parhelion: Numazu in the Mirage

Today, BeXide announced its upcoming project Yohane the Parhelion: Numazu in the Mirage. Switch will be receiving the title on February 22, 2024.

The game is a roguelike deckbuilder that acts as a spin-off of Love Live! Sunshine. More information can be found in the following overview:

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