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Soccer Story trailer

No More Robots and PanicBarn have prepared a launch trailer for Soccer Story. The game, an open-world RPG, made it to Switch this week.

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Roguebook has received a new update on Switch, and it includes notable functionality with the addition of touchscreen support.

The team says it’s been spending the last couple of months working on new features and addressing player feedback. That includes tweaks to UI, font increases, and touchscreen support. That last one is something the game only has on Switch and not any other platform.

The full patch notes are as follows:

Intrepid Izzy gameplay

New gameplay is in for Intrepid Izzy, a “genre-defying 2D game”. Footage shows an initial dungeon and boss fight, town exploration, and more.

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pokemon scarlet violet

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Siralim Ultimate gameplay

Thylacine Studios just brought Siralim Ultimate to Switch, and new gameplay shows off the monster-catching, dungeon-crawling RPG. A half hour of footage has dropped.

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Super Kiwi 64 gameplay

Super Kiwi 64, a bite-sized 3D platformer, has been given new gameplay on Switch. This follows its launch on the console this week.

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Intrepid Izzy trailer

Ratalaika Games and Senile Team have put up a trailer for Intrepid Izzy. The title, a “genre defying 2D game”, just made it to Switch.

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Fuser delisted

Fuser will be delisted from the Switch eShop as well as other storefronts the game is sold on, NCSoft and Harmonix announced today. This will be going into effect on December 19. The move also applies to all DLC.

On the same day, live services for the game will end. However, those that already own the game will still be able to access the main campaign and Quick Play. DLC that was purchased previously will continue to work as well.

Warframe cross-platform play

Digital Extremes has announced that cross-platform play is now supported in Warframe. Users on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC can now connect together for the first time.

The feature can be turned on and off in the options menu. If it’s enabled, a players’ platform icon will be displayed next to their name. They can chat, join Squads, and can expect expedited public matchmaking as other players across all platforms in the Origin System join in for the missions ahead. Additionally, players on all platforms can meet in Relays and Dojos, however, VoIP chat features will be added in the future and are currently unavailable.

Disney Speedstorm delayed

Update (11/30): Disney Speedstorm has been delayed to 2023, Gameloft just announced.

The company shared a statement about the situation on social media. Gameloft noted that the decision was made to meet its expectations and ensure it can provide “a fast-paced and competitive racing experience they will return to play for years to come”.

Disney Speedstorm was announced for Switch during a Nintendo Direct in February. It was originally planned for this past summer.

Here’s the full statement about the delay for Disney Speedstorm:

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