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Switch eShop

As previously reported, Gonner 2 is reaching Switch on October 22. We have a new trailer for the game below.

Gonner 2 will be sold digitally for Switch on the eShop.

Team17 and Next Studios are bringing out the animated rogue-like RPG adventure Crown Trick today. For a look at the game’s launch trailer, continue on below.

Crown Trick is being distributed digitally for Switch via the eShop.

Postal Redux, a dark and surreal twin-stick isometric shooter, arrives on Switch today. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

Postal Redux can be purchased digitally for Switch via the eShop.

Headup Games and Devespresso Games have announced that they’re re-releasing The Coma: Recut on Switch today. The relaunch, which is happening on the eShop, sports all-new graphical and text updates.

To celebrate today’s news, those that purchase The Coma: Recut can receive a 25 percent discount. The discount will last until November 5.

Here’s an overview of The Coma: Recut:

Top down arena shooter Death Ray Manta was announced for Switch about a month ago, but no release date was given at the time. Thalamus Digital however has just revealed that the title is launching on the Switch eShop on October 19. Check out an overview and trailer below in case you missed the initial announcement.

ScourgeBringer, a fast-paced free-moving roguelite platformer, is releasing on Switch in just a few days. View some early footage in the video below.

ScourgeBringer is slated for October 22 on the Switch eShop.

Gameloft has updated on Asphalt 9: Legends on Switch, bringing along a bunch of new content. Players can access Osaka tracks, new cars, and more.

Here’s a trailer:

Carto, the world-shifting puzzle adventure game, is now up for pre-order on Switch. To celebrate, a new trailer has been released, which we have below.

Carto is due out for Switch on October 27 via the eShop.

This is the Zodiac Speaking, a fact-based single-player psychological thriller, landed on Switch today. Find the game’s launch trailer below.

This is the Zodiac Speaking is out now on Switch via the eShop.

Humble Games, Simon Boxer and Twice Different’s card-based roguelike dungeon crawler Ring of Pain has released on Switch. Watch the title’s launch trailer below.

If you’re interested in Ring of Pain, you can pick up the game from the Switch eShop now.