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Wii U eShop

A few new games out came out this week on the Wii U and 3DS eShops. If you’re interested in checking out what’s new in screenshot form, take a look at the gallery below.

Wii U eShop charts (1/27/17)

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This week’s Wii U eShop charts are as follows:


1. Mario Kart 64
2. Pokemon Snap
3. Mario Party 2
4. Mario Party 10
5. Zelda: Majora’s Mask
6. Star Fox 64
7. Super Mario 64
8. Super Mario World
9. Zelda: Skyward Sword
10. Super Mario 3D World
11. Zelda: Ocarina of Time
12. Splatoon
13. Super Mario Bros.
14. Super Mario Bros. 3
15. F-Zero X
16. Minecraft: Wii U Edition
17. Zelda: Wind Waker HD
18. Super Mario RPG
19. Zelda: A Link to the Past
20. Paper Mario


1. Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch Presentation Trailer
2. Zelda: Breath of the Wild Nintendo Switch Presentation Trailer
3. Switch Concept Trailer
4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo Switch Presentation Trailer
5. Switch Playstyles Trailer
6. Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch Presentation Trailer
7. Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017
8. Switch Parental Controls
9. Arms Nintendo Switch Presentation Trailer
10. Pokemon Snap Trailer
11. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Nintendo Switch Presentation Trailer
12. 1-2-Switch Nintendo Switch Presentation Trailer
13. Fire Emblem Direct 1/18/17
14. Fire Emblem Warriors Nintendo Switch Presentation
15. Super Mario Mash-Up Pack for Minecraft: Wii U Edition
16. Paper Mario: Color Splash – A Splash of Mystery
17. Pokken Tournament TV Spot
18. Yoshi’s Woolly World Adventure Guide Episode 1
19. Mario Party 10 Launch Trailer
20. Paper Mario: Color Splash – Time ot Make a Splash

Source: Wii U eShop

Update 2: Bumped to the top. The issues have now been addressed.

Update: Nintendo has posted on Twitter that they are working to resolve issues relating to the sale:

Original: As part of Europe’s Zelda Weeks 2017 sale, Nintendo has been announcing that all Zelda games would get a 30% discount for My Nintendo users. Now that the sale is live, we have found out that that is partially true.

You’ll be able to choose among a great variety of Zelda games, but choose wisely because the code you will get is single-use.

People on NeoGAF are warning about this because some users have added lots of money to their eShop accounts in hopes of taking advantage of this opportunity, only to find out that all prices go back to their original state after the first purchase.

Apparently, this is not a glitch as Nintendo states how My Nintendo coupons are single-use.


European Wii U owners will soon have access to Koi DX. According to a listing on the eShop, it’s due out next week – specifically February 2.

Here’s a look at the eShop listing:


Shadow Archer file size

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Shadow Archer has already been out in North America, but it was added to the European Wii U eShop today. The game’s file size is in for those that are curious. To download the game, 79 MB of free space is needed.


This week’s North American Nintendo Downloads are as follows:

Wii U Virtual Console

Flying Warriors – $4.99
Kung-Fu Heroes – $4.99
Little Ninja Brothers – $4.99

3DS Download

Candy, Please! – $1.99
Word Search 10K – $7.99

Back in July of last year, indie developer Squad announced that Wii U version of their game Kerbal Space Program would be available “this Winter”. Well, we are now in the middle of that Winter, but the game is nowhere to be seen on Wii U. In fact, it looks like the Wii U version might be cancelled for good. Here’s what Squad’s community manager had to say on their official forums on the topic:

“The industry landscape changed since we made that announcement. Although we were excited to release this port, external factors are forcing us to reevaluate if it is the right move for Kerbal Space Program. It is still to soon to give you a definite decision, so we’ll give you more detailed information in the future.”

Still a fairly vague answer and no definitive confirmation that the Wii U version has been cancelled, but it’s seems fairly likely that that is what’s going to happen eventually. We will keep you updated on the matter – perhaps Squad will do what many other developers have done and shift their focus towards a Switch version of the game instead.

Source Via

Nintendo’s website has updated with two more Wii U Virtual Console games slated for release in North America. Along with Flying Warriors, which we posted about today, Kung-Fu Heroes and Little Ninja Brothers will be out tomorrow.

Here are overviews of each:

Kung-Fu Heroes

“Monsters have taken Princess Min-Min, and the treasures. The whole land has fallen into sorrow. Only Kung-Fu Masters Jacky and Lee can save the princess and retrieve the treasures. Their journey will take them to eight different castles filled with a host of traps and obstacles. Use Punches and the Miracle Kick to defeat the enemies. Whether or not you make it to the last castle depends on your quick wits and reflexes.”

Little Ninja Brothers

“You are spirited Ninja boys, Jack and Ryu, who take off on a journey to defeat the Yoma Clan. Fight enemies with various skills such as punches, kicks, swords, and throwing stars. Take your attacks to the next level with special items like the Iron Claws and the Crush Punch. Work as a team to bring peace back to Chinaland.”

Source 1, Source 2

One of next week’s European eShop titles is now confirmed. On February 2, Star Splash: Shattered Star will be hitting Wii U.

Here’s a trailer:

And the eShop listing:


This week’s North American Wii U Virtual Console game appears to be Flying Warriors. It just appeared on Nintendo’s website, yet strangely, it’s listing a release date of January 20. We assume this was simply an error, and was intended to be January 25 instead.

In any case, here’s an overview of Flying Warriors:

“When the evil red star appears in the sky, the great monster of the Dark Dimension, Demonyx, returns. The five Flying Warriors, led by Rick Stalker, are sent by the Dragon Lord to defeat Demonyx. Fight through four game modes. Choose one of two different fighting styles. One for beginners, and one for those who can master the martial arts. Use items and Mystic Spells in your quest to rescue the Light Dimension from darkness.”

Flying Warriors will set you back $4.99.


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