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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has a new feature available and it’s finally the clothes crafting feature.

When in the Craft menu, you are to craft from tops, pants, dresses, hats, glasses/masks, socks, and shoes. In order to be able to craft clothes all you need is the required materials for it and that’s pretty much it.

Update: Round two of the Rover’s Garden Safari event is now live.


A new event is now live in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. It features Rover and it is called Rover’s Garden Safari. The event is a two part event with the first part beginning now and running into January 17th, while the second part of the event will run from January 17th until January 22nd.

The description of the events explains that Rover has come to your campsite in search of hard-to-find butterflies. In order to help him, you need to grow certain flowers that can attract butterflies and then catch them for him. There is also a second set of tasks for the second part of the event, which you will still be able to complete the first set of task during this part of the event. Completing these tasks will give you event exclusive furniture and clothing.

During the event you will be able to find these rare creatures and seasonal plants:

  • Diamond Butterfly
  • Topaz Butterfly
  • Winter Butterfly (available from January 17th)
  • Gold Winter Butterfly (available from January 17th)
  • Blue Dahlias (cannot be cross-pollinated)
  • Red Dahlias (cannot be cross-pollinated)
  • White Dahlias (available from January 17th) (cannot be cross-pollinated)
  • Once the event is over, these items will then be converted into Bells.

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s latest update is here. Nintendo issued a new 1.1.3 patch today. It’s a fairly minor one, as adjustments have been made to the second half of the Rover’s Garden Safari event.

    Nintendo is also working on a more substantial update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. This will add campsite terrain customization, rug spots, and custom outfits for your Animal friends plus improvements to the Shovelstrike Quarry and Market Box. Nintendo is also introducing changes for the Gardening feature as well as new fish and bugs.

    Source: iOS / Andorid

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be receiving another update, here are the features and enhancements you can expect to come when the update launches:

    – Ability to customize terrain in select areas at your campsite
    – You will be able to place more than a single rug
    – Customize the look of your animal friends, but not all clothing options are available to all animals
    – It will be easier to request help for Shovelstrike Quarry
    – Easier usage of the Market Box
    – Gardening feature will receive various changes
    – New fish and bugs will be added

    It is not clear when this next update will be happening in the future, but it can’t be too far away.


    Nintendo sent out a new update for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp earlier in the week. According to the official patch notes, bug fixes were implemented. It was a clear sign that the update was small in nature.

    The update also makes a change that is small, yet still interesting. In version 1.1.2, the Isabelle kite model was altered. It was previously right over left before, but now shows the correct left over right folding. The original way is only used when dressing the dead for burial, and is considered to be very bad luck. Nintendo obviously noticed the error and quickly made the fix.


    Ver. 1.1.2 for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is up now and is a rather small update all things considered. It is detailed as fixing some small bugs on the app store at this moment.

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp updated today with new content. First, four new animals have been added: Sprinkle, Static, Ava, and Boots. Their unlockable items are the snow machine, robot hero, large egg, and potbelly stove respectively.

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is also running a Host the Most Initiative. Until January 13, your friendships will grow more quickly than usual when completing requests.

    Source: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    New characters should be joining Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp soon. Nintendo tweeted out the image above yesterday, teasing the arrival of more villagers. Nintendo hasn’t said when the characters will be added in, but they should be popping up in the very near future.


    Nintendo has kicked off a special New Year’s event in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Players will find new furniture, clothing, and more.

    While the event is live, you may get countdown charms when completing requests from animals. If you collect enough, you’ll earn special New Year’s-themed items. It’s also possible to unlock New Year’s-themed clothing by completing animal requests.

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has a new gift in store to celebrate the holidays. All players can obtain a red stuffed stocking. Simply load up the game, and it will be sent to your mailbox. The promotion lasts until January 24.


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