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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Google Play has produced a new Japanese commercial for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Watch the advert below. has combed through the APK file for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in hopes of finding any hidden secrets. Ultimately, the site did come across a few interesting discoveries pertaining to a potential future garden, plus other aspects like facilities, weather, and possible special costumes.

Here’s a summary as to what was found:

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp art

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We have a bunch of official Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp art, including key visuals and individual character images. Take a look at the full set below.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is out now in Australia. The game will arrive in other regions in late November.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp wasn’t originally supposed to take this long. Originally, Nintendo first spoke about the game in 2016. So why are we only seeing it now?

The Wall Street Journal reports that Pocket Camp was redone “at least once during the development process to ensure quality.” That’s according to the publication’s sources involved with the game’s creation.

The Wall Street Journal further notes that Nintendo “also had to prepare a full slate of limited-time events happening within the app to keep players coming back frequently”. It took some time for Fire Emblem Heroes to really get started on that front, which caused some people to lose interest. For Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, it sounds like Nintendo wanted to keep players busy from the get-go.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has released, though only in Australia. Still, based on the early release, we have some notable information.

Sensor Tower reports that the new Animal Crossing title for mobile reached the top spot among all iPhone apps faster than Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes. It did so within 12 hours of its debut.

The official website for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp provides information about supported devices.

On iOS, the game works with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices running iOS 9.0 or newer. Keep in mind this does not include iPhone 4S/5/5c, iPad 2/3rd Generation/4th Generation/mini, and iPod Touch 5th Generation.

Android users can play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on Android OS 4.2 or newer. Nintendo does note that there may be some exceptions.

Most of the world will need to wait until late November for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. But in Australia, the game is out now on iOS and Android.


Super Mario Run was made with Unity. The same can be said of Nintendo’s latest game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

Unity confirmed the news on Twitter:

We’ve started to see Nintendo experiment with various engines in recent years. The new Yoshi game for Switch, for example, runs on Unreal Engine 4.


Since Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been pushed out in Australia, folks are beginning to get their hands on the game. Watch a half hour of footage below.

Just like with Nintendo’s other mobile games, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is tied into My Nintendo. The reward site’s Australian version not only gives us a look at the game’s rewards, but also the missions.

Here’s the full lineup:

Update 2: Nintendo Australia confirms the early release. It’s also up on iOS now as well.

Update: The initial download is 53MB with another 70MB after the tutorial. It’s at version 0.9.0 rather than 1.0, which may suggest that Nintendo is going for a soft launch by releasing the game in Australia and only on Android.

Original: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was just unveiled a few hours ago. Nintendo plans on having the game officially ready for launch in late November.

For whatever reason, as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was made available on Google Play in Australia. You can try your luck here. The APK has also been floating around, which is up here.

Thanks to Justin for the tip.

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