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Lots of game series are celebrating notable anniversaries this year, including Ace Attorney. Capcom’s franchise turned 15 in October.

To celebrate, new images from some of the Ace Attorney artists have been created, which we have below. The lineup is as follows from left to right: Tatsurou Iwamoto, Takuro Fuse, Tatsurou Iwamoto, Kazuya Nuri.


The Capcom classic Demon’s Crest is coming to the New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in Europe this week. Check out a new trailer for this release:

Capcom has prepared a second batch of Monster Hunter XX screenshots and art within the past week. The images cover more of Famitsu’s coverage, of which we covered in-depth here. As for the screenshots, we have those below.

Monster Hunter XX screenshots

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Capcom released a new batch of Monster Hunter XX screenshots based on Famitsu’s new coverage this week. Find the latest images below.

For those that missed it, read up on Famitsu’s Monster Hunter XX report here.

Megami Meguri opening movie

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Capcom uploaded the opening movie for Megami Meguri today. Per usual, we’ve attached the video for your viewing pleasure below.

Famitsu has a massive feature on Monster Hunter XX this week. The magazine’s latest coverage spans ten pages.

First, we have some information about some of the monsters. Details are as follows:

– Deviant Diablos: changes color when in Rage state, and will also have new moves during that, like jumping, burrowing, and thrusting from the ground.
– Deviant Glavenus is Hellblade which also already appeared in Generations; has a sword-like tail that also has high heat
– Deviant Gammoth: has a hardened body after living in harsh environments for a very long time; said to be the cause of blizzards and avalanches in cold areas
– Deviant Mizutsune: can launch blue bubbles which seem to be more powerful than Mizutsune’s ordinary bubbles
– Deviant Astalos: normally shrouded in green electricity, but during battle that may change color to blue
– Congalala: can release gas that causes inflicted hunters to be unable to use some items; can also perform a breath attack that will change elements depending on the food it ate beforehand, such as becoming fire or poison

Monster Hunter XX was featured on the new episode of Capcom TV which aired earlier today. Gameplay was shown per usual, but a few extra goodies were included: notably the second trailer and latest collaborations.

The fun begins with the recording below:

Monster Hunter XX’s new collaborations include the Drifters manga and anime (for a katana), Show by Rock rhythm game, and Gudetama.

In the latest issue of Famitsu due out tomorrow, the magazine provides ten pages of Monster Hunter XX coverage. Some of the information has leaked early, revealing the return of Congalala and sharing details about the Renkin Style.

Gematsu reports the rundown as follows:

Monsters with Nicknames

  • Ouma Diablos
  • Hellblade Glavenus
  • Silverpeak Gammoth
  • Heavenly Eye Mizutsune
  • Blue Lighting Master Astalos

Capcom posted another Megami Meguri gameplay video, and it once again features two of the game’s voice actresses, Ayasa Ito and Yuka Ozaki. Check it out:

The lastest round of Monster Hunter Generations’ free DLC is now available to download. The December update features Street Figther outfits for Felynes, a new armor set designed by Tetsuya Nomura, and more. You can view a gallery of some of the rewards below, and a full list of the quests and rewards after the break.

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