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Mojang held a special Minecraft Earth event earlier today. All sorts of big news was shared at the event, including

First, the new update for Switch is officially coming in 2018. Mojang said that it wants to ensure it can deliver players “the best experience possible.” The Super Duper Graphics pack is also pushed back to 2018 since a lot of work still needs to be done.

Here’s the full rundown on all of the news from Minecon Earth:

A new update is rolling out for Minecraft on both Switch and Wii U. It specifically adds in a free Minecon Earth 2017 Skin Pack. Minecraft went through maintenance last night, so this update should be live as of now.


One of the latest pieces of DLC for Minecraft on Switch and Wii U is a new Skin Pack featuring the Netflix show Stranger Things. We have a trailer and some footage for it below.

The latest update is now available for both the Switch and the Wii U version of Minecraft. Here are the patch notes:

Minecraft: New 3DS Edition has been out digitally since the last Nintendo Direct. But as we know, Nintendo was preparing a physical version. A release date has now been announced.

You’ll be able to find Minecraft: New 3DS Edition in stores next month. Nintendo has set the release date for November 10.

The news was announced via Twitter:


The big Together Update has started to roll out across various platforms today. However, the wait for its release on Switch will be a bit longer. Right now, the plan is to have it ready this winter.

Mojang wrote in a blog post:

We’re still working on getting this new version of Minecraft ready for players on Nintendo Switch. We want to make sure that everything is ready to bring this platform onboard, and there’s a lot of work to do to make that happen. After all, no one has ever done anything like this before in the history of gaming. We expect to be ready with the free Better Together Update on Switch this winter.

The Better Together update lets players experience Minecraft together regardless of the platform you’re playing on. You can also access user-made content on Marketplace, adds new content, and more.

Below is a trailer for the Better Together update for Minecraft:


As many of you know, Mojang is currently cooking up a big “Better Together” update for Minecraft. The update will allow for some significant functionality, including cross-play so that users on platforms like Switch and Xbox One can play together. Other features are also planned with Mojang bringing the Bedrock Engine to Switch and other systems.

One interesting part of Better Together is that the Halo Mash-Up Pack will be playable on all platforms supporting the Bedrock Engine. Since Switch is included, that means the DLC will be available on Nintendo’s console.

Minecraft developer Aubrey Norris confirmed on Twitter:

This is neat news for sure, but don’t expect the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack to hit other platforms. Nintendo is keeping that one exclusive.


More gameplay is in giving us a good look at Minecraft: New 3DS Edition, which just came out a few days ago. View 12 minutes of footage below.

We have a few more details about Minecraft: New 3DS Edition from a developer live stream hosted after this week’s Nintendo Direct. The information comes max world size and more.

Here’s the roundup of information for Minecraft: New 3DS Edition:

– Max world size is 2016×2016 (small worlds on Switch are 900x900ish and largest are about 3000×3000)
– Based on Pocket Edition 0.15.4, which launched July 2016, has every feature the game did as of that release
– Due to above, no The End yet, but does have the Nether
– Redstone contraptions work as expected, they had memory-eating bugs with them at one point but got them all squashed
– They plan on lots of updates over the course of the next 6-8 months, for example targeting 0.16 and adding ocean monuments and associated blocks
– No cross play or world sharing, this is a totally new and different build of the game unique to 3DS
– Mouselook with c-stick including invert Y-axis if you want, other options like view bobbing off, auto-jump
– Map is always active on the bottom screen
– Comes with standard textures, plastic, and city, plus many character skins


Minecraft: New 3DS Edition debuted this week. We’ve heard that local multiplayer will be added with a new update, but that isn’t the only feature on the way.

As mentioned by Mike Mika on Twitter, stereoscopic 3D is in the pipeline. Additionally, it’s not too far off. Mika says that it’s already functional and will be added in an update “super soon.”


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