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Minecraft update 1.20.50

Minecraft has come out with its latest update, version 1.20.50.

Leading the way for the update is a new look for bats, smashable pots, and some new experimental features like the crafter block. The ‘How to Play’ screen has also been revamped into the ‘Encyclopedia’ screen, plus there are fixes, improvements, and more.

Here’s the full rundown:

Minecraft update version 1.20.50 patch notes

Minecraft Legends update 1.18.11153

Minecraft Legends has received what’s said to be the game’s biggest content update yet.

Some of the highlights include the Frog Mount available in campaign and versus, potion-wielding witches, cauldron structures, and the clanger. Players can also access new custom options, new settings, improvements, and fixes.

Here’s the full rundown:

Minecraft version 1.21 update features, 2023 mob vote winner, Star Wars Path of the Jedi DLC

Original (10/15):Minecraft Live 2023 took place just a short while ago, and announced the latest news surrounding the franchise including version 1.21 update features for the main game, the 2023 mob vote winner, Star Wars: Path of the Jedi DLC, and more.

The next big update is planned for mid-2024. Fans can expect the trial chamber, breeze mob, and other elements.

As for the 2023 mob vote winner in Minecraft, armadillo was ultimately the winner with 42.3 percent of the votes. Crab followed with 32.5 percent and the penguin rounded things out with 25.2 percent.

Minecraft already had Star Wars collaboration DLC, but now a collaboration is planned with Star Wars: Path of the Jedi. This will be available on November 7, 2023.

Here’s the full rundown on all of the news:

Minecraft 1.20.40 update

The next sizable Minecraft update has gone live for version 1.20.40. Full patch notes are available.

The update is highlighted by the rebalancing of several Villager trades as an experimental feature as well as adjustments and improvements to numerous in-game sounds. Plus, buckets can no longer pick up liquids for a few ticks after they’ve been placed.

Here’s the full rundown:

Minecraft Nerf World

Yet another collaboration has just dropped in Minecraft, and players can now obtain DLC known as Nerf World.

With the DLC, players can battle with others online in four arenas that are themed around the dimensions of the Minecraft universe: the Overworld, the Nether, and the End. In the fourth one, it’s a Nerf arena. Each one can be accessed from the central hub, and this area also houses a training area. Only the Overworld will be initially unlocked, but the others can be acquired by completing certain challenges.

Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons

Original (3/28): Minecraft has another collaboration in the pipeline, as it was revealed today that the game is crossing over with Dungeons & Dragons with new DLC. The announcement was made during a D&D Direct presentation a few minutes ago.

The Dungeons & Dragons DLC will let players explore the Forgotten Realms as classic D&D character classes. Monsters like beholders, mimics, mindflayers, and gelatinous cubes are in as well. Some classic locations have been recreated, including Icewind Dale and Candlekeep, battling Beholders, Mimics, and more.

Minecraft update 1.20.30

Minecraft got another beefy update today, and the game is now at version 1.20.30.

Mojang Studios changed the “You died” experience, including the camera zooming out so it’s easier to see why you died. It’s also possible to crawl under single block gaps, a new “Recipe Unlocked” notification will tell you when you’ve found a new crafting material, the amount of Diamond Ore found in the deepest parts of the world has increased, and more. Plus adjustments were made to block destroy times and explosion resistance values as well as fixes for over 100 community reported issues.

Here’s the full rundown:

Minecraft Disney Worlds of Adventure DLC

It’s time for yet another collaboration in Minecraft, and players can now get their hands on Disney Worlds of Adventure DLC.

The DLC, which is comprised of six parts, involves hunting down gem shards hidden in the stories of Disney’s Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, and Beauty and the Beast. Players will be able to visit familiar locations, team up with some of their favorite Disney characters, and discover new twists, mobs, and puzzles to solve.

Minecraft Legends update 1.17.50310

Minecraft Legends just got a major update, and the title has moved up to version 1.17.50310. Patch notes are available.

Today’s update includes many improvements based on player. Highlights include improved PvP communication, custom game options for Campaign and PvP, refund mobs at spawners, reworked campaign prologue flow, revamped Banner View experience, and other quality of life improvements.

Here’s the rundown in full:

Minecraft Legends update 1.17.44512

Mojang Studios has put out a new update for Minecraft Legends, with the game moving up to version 1.17.44512.

A bunch of gameplay improvements have been implemented. Highlights include improvements to the matchmaking lobbies to get more players matched into games together, Banner View now shows health bars for enemy structures, an optimized and shorter flow of the prologue, mob balance improvements, and more.

Here’s the full rundown:

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