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Minecraft Legends trailer

Minecraft Legends has been officially released, and we have one last trailer to celebrate. The video gives us another look at the action-strategy title.

For additional information, check out the following overview:

Minecraft update 1.19.71 Switch freezing

Minecraft recently went live with a new version 1.19.71 update, and it’s something Switch owners will want to download as it addresses a critical freezing issue.

Following version 1.19.70 (which was pretty significant – you can read about it here), players reported that the game wouldn’t load beyond 66 percent. As soon as it reached that mark, Minecraft would freeze up entirely. This issue has now been addressed, along with a few other problems.

The full patch notes for the Minecraft version 1.19.71 update are as follows:

Minecraft update 1.19.70

Mojang Studios has just come out with a new version 1.19.70 update for Minecraft.

The patch “brings several quality of life improvements to the game, changes to horse breeding, plus early versions of Archaeology and the Sniffer as new experimental features from the upcoming 1.20 update.” The team addressed multiple crashes that could occur during gameplay, improved player emotes, and more.

The full patch notes for the Minecraft version 1.19.70 update are as follows:

Minecraft Mega Man X DLC

Another collaboration has just landed in Minecraft, as players can get their hands on brand new DLC based on Mega Man X.

The world of Mega Man X has been recreated, complete with the official soundtrack and 14 classic skins from the series. Players can use the Blue Bomber’s arsenal of nine weapons to fight an army of Mavericks as they make their way through iconic levels and defeat epic bosses.

Minecraft update 1.19.60

Minecraft has been given its latest update, with players having access to version 1.19.60.

This patch is mainly about quality of life improvements as well as some new experimental features. Also noteworthy, over 70 community-reported bugs have been fixed.

The patch notes for the Minecraft version 1.19.60 update are as follows:

Minecraft Legends release date

A final release date has just been announced for Minecraft Legends. Switch owners can get their hands on the game starting April 18, 2023.

Minecraft Legends was first announced for Switch last June with a general 2023 launch window. Then in October, we found out that it was planned for the coming spring.

Minecraft Avatar Legends DLC

Mojang Studios today unveiled details about new Avatar Legends DLC for Minecraft.

The game is teaming up with the Nickelodeon franchise in all sorts of way. Players can meet up with Katara, Zuko, and others while completing quests, explore all four nations from the hit shows, and channel the skins of your favorite Avatar characters. The goal is to master all four elements and learn new skills from Team Avatar and Team Korra. Players can also get their hands on a free Blue Spirit Mask in the Character Creator.

The latest update for Minecraft Dungeons went live today, with players having access to version

One of the biggest aspects here are Weekly Towers having been refreshed with new loot, improved floor presets, and some challenges (and bosses) from DLC missions. There’s a whole lot of balancing and bug fixes as well.

The full patch notes for the Minecraft Dungeons version update are as follows:

Minecraft update 1.19.50

A massive 1.19.50 update has just gone live for Minecraft.

The update is comprised of new features, content, and fixes. Some of the highlights include a spectator mode, new default skins, camels, and stability improvements.

The full patch notes for the Minecraft version 1.19.50 update are as follows:

Minecraft Dungeons Fauna Faire update

Minecraft Dungeons received a massive update today known as “Fauna Faire”. Although it’s largely known as version, it’ll show on Switch as version

Fauna Faire lets players team up with friends and take on new challenges including the Tower multiplayer mode featuring additional floor variations as well as Treetop Tangle. There’s also the Enchantsmith, an option to take on a random mission, and more.

The full patch notes for the Minecraft Dungeons “Fauna Faire” update (version are as follows:

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