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A new Twilight Princess HD tweet has been published on the series’ Japanese Twitter page. Today, “Malo” shows off Hyrule Castle.

Here’s the translated message:

” …It’s Malo. The Hyrule Castle where Princess Zelda also lives in… Even when I look up I couldn’t see the top. …However, if it’s this spacious wouldn’t there be excess rooms? If it had a cheap rent, I’d like to open a Malo Mart at Hyrule Castle sometime…”

And here’s some Hyrule Castle art:



Over the past few weeks, we’ve continued to learn about how The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess improves upon the original game. The Wii U title features things like sharper visuals, easier transformations and gyroscope aiming, plus faster animations and better load times. This month’s GamesMaster touches upon even more of the improvements.

In a short article which also contains a few comments from Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma, the magazine reveals that Epona handles better and Link has increased mobility while swimming. “Looking back now, getting the controls for both land and water just right has proven to be a big challenge throughout the series,” Aonuma said.

GamesMaster also touches upon another change regarding chests in Twilight Princess HD:

“In the original, if your wallet was full and you opened a chest that contained Rupees, the Rupees would remain in the chest and its lid would close. The problem here being that in previous games players used open chests to know they’d visited a location, and this change meant they could no longer do that. Aonuma and his team considered this and reimplemented chests that remain open after you interact with them.”

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD launches on March 4. Australian developer Tantalus is primarily handling the Wii U release.

Zelda: Twilight Princess HD art

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As spotted by Zelda Informer, Gamereactor posted a number of pieces of art from Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. We’ve gathered up the images below.

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Nintendo has come out with a new Zelda: Twilight Princess HD trailer highlighting the game’s story. Check it out below.

After several pieces of concept art shared throughout the week, the latest Zelda: Twilight Princess HD message added to the series’ Twitter account is a bit random. But hey, it does come with a neat GIF!

Here’s the full translation:

“…It’s Malo. Today a so-called designer comes to the village to hold a special lecture… I see, he’s a dextrous guy… If I feel like it, I’ll ask him to renew the signboard for my shop.”

For those that are confused, this seems to be more like a demonstration as to how the designer drew the illustration, as shown in the tweet’s GIF.


Another new Twilight Princess HD tweet has been posted on the Japanese Zelda Twitter account. Similar to the most recent entry, today’s message focuses on a particular character and shows off concept art.

Here’s the lowdown on Ilia from “Malo”:

“…It’s Malo. Hey you… Are you frightened by Ilia? She’s normally kind, but when she’s mad she’s very scary indeed… such Ilia used to be naughty in the past… You see, she put things like a fairy sticker on her forehead… But when you look at it closer, it feels rather eerie.”


Yet another new tweet has been posted on the Japanese Zelda Twitter account. Today’s message is a little more interesting, as it contains concept art of Midna.

Here’s the translated tweet:

“…It’s Malo. This is Midna, the gal who is profusely well-informed about the Twilight Realm. Seems like there were various kinds of designs until her appearance became like this. Speaking of which, her name seems to come from midnight… “shadow” = “night” is simple, isn’t it.”


People have been picking apart the latest Zelda: Twilight Princess HD footage from yesterday’s Nintendo Minute. GameXplain has another video up, this time showing faster animations and improved load times. Check out the comparisons in the video below.

Another interesting tidbit has been spotted in yesterday’s Zelda: Twilight Princess HD footage from Nintendo Minute. In the game, players will have access to a new type of lantern item (different from the standard lantern) – possibly one for Poes.

GameXplain speculates that the lantern could be used to spot Poes while in human form. In the original Twilight Princess, you needed to be Wolf Link while using his sense view. Being able to track down Poes with the lantern could make things much more convenient.

GameXplain has a lengthy video comparing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on Wii U to the original versions based on yesterday’s Nintendo Minute footage. Check it out below.

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