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Telltale Games finally put out its first Switch release today, Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure. This won’t be the only title from the company though.

During a Reddit AMA, Telltale mentioned that the team should have news regarding other Switch titles “very soon.” Further teased, “We’ll have titles on the eShop sooner than you might think…!”

While Retailers have started to list Batman: The Enemy Within for Switch, Telltale has yet to confirm that it’s happening. We do think it’s happening though, and there should be more to come from Telltale.


All sorts of retailers have been suggesting that Batman: The Enemy Within is coming to Switch. What we considered to be a very good sign is when GameFly listed the game. The retailer tends to be spot on more often than not.

If you didn’t trust GameFly’s listing though, even more evidence has popped up. Amazon and GameStop both say that Batman: The Enemy Within is heading to Switch as well.

At this point, we’d be extremely surprised if this wasn’t happening. It may just take Telltale Games awhile to make it official. Even though we pretty much knew about Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure on Switch, the announcement took a significantly long time to appear.

Telltale Games has been speaking pretty positively about the Switch, and there have been several rumors and retailer listings suggesting that their games might be coming to the system (other than Minecraft: Story Mode). Now, a job listing has popped up which suggests that Telltale is intending to continue their Switch support. They’re looking for a “Nintendo Compliance Specialist” – essentially someone who will be responsible for ensuring that Telltale’s games will meet the technical standards of the Switch and also assist with other publishing & quality assurance issues. You can check out the full job listing here, if you’re interested.

Of course we will have to see what happens, but it certainly seems like Telltale Games are committed to supporting the Switch long-term if they’re specifically hiring someone for a position like this.

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The situation with Telltale releases on Switch is a bit of a mystery. Various retailers have listed Guardians of the Galaxy on Nintendo’s console over the past few months, for example. Batman: The Telltale Series has also popped up on store listings.

So when Batman reappeared at select retailers earlier this week, we didn’t think there was much to those listings. But perhaps there is something going on here after all.

GameFly just added in an entry for Batman: The Telltale Series on Switch today. It contains an October 31 release date, though that’s no doubt temporary. The interesting thing to consider here is that GameFly has a very good track record. We can’t say that GameFly is an absolute confirmation, but it’s a good sign about Telltale possibly bringing its Batman series to Switch.


Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure finally has a release date on Switch. Today, Telltale confirmed a release date of August 22 in North America and August 25 in Europe / other regions.

Telltale will offer Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure as a physical cartridge and a digital download. It has all eight episodes from the first season of Minecraft: Story Mode: five episodes from the original season pass, plus the three bonus episodes from the ‘Adventure Pass’ add-on series.

Source: Telltale Games PR

It looks like we finally have an official release date of Minecraft Story Mode – The Complete Adventure for the Nintendo Switch. The game is set to release on August 22nd for $40 according to the eShop.

Telltale Games is bringing Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure to Switch at some point. Though a final release still hasn’t been announced, the European Switch eShop seems to believe it’s arriving later this month. A listing on the store has a release date of July 21.

Elsewhere on the eShop, Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure is listed as a 4.3GB download (it will be sold physically as well). Touchscreen usage is supported.

Source: Switch eShop

The only release Telltale Games currently has planned on Switch is Minecraft: Story Mode – Complete Adventure, the full package from season 1. However, more titles could end up on Nintendo’s console in the future.

Telltale head of communications Job Stauffer spoke with GameSpot about the company’s Switch support in a new interview. Not only are the developer at the studio “big fans” of the system, but Stauffer also said it’s also “kind of perfect for what we do.”

Stauffer’s full words:

“We haven’t quite announced [Minecraft: Story Mode Season 2 for Switch] but we certainly hope to continue things on that platform; we’re big fans.

It wouldn’t be unheard if more of our series also made it to Switch; we love the platform. It’s kind of perfect for what we do. All of our games are the same on mobile as they are on consoles. And for a mobile console [like the Switch] it’s pretty awesome.”


Minecraft: Story Mode wrapped up last year. The eighth, final episode was originally distributed back in September. However, it now looks like Telltale Game is returning to the series.

A rating for a second season of Minecraft: Story Mode has popped up in Australia. The first episode has been classified specifically, which is known as “Hero in Residence”.

We’re reporting on this with some hesitation. Minecraft: Story Mode did originally come to Wii U, and it’s also landing on Switch in the very near future. Telltale’s output on Nintendo platforms can be unpredictable though as the recently-released Guardians of the Galaxy did not end up on Switch (at least not yet). That being said, Minecraft: Story Mode Season Two probably has a decent shot of coming to Nintendo’s new console.

Rime was one of the first instances of a multiplatform game costing $10 more on Switch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will be the last.

Amazon and GameStop both have pre-orders open for the Switch version of Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure. Both listings have the collection down for $40. On other platforms, the asking price was $30. So much like Rime, Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure will cost $10 more on Switch.


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