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Zen Studios tweeted today that Infinite Minigolf is once again available after being pulled from the North American eShop. As previously reported, the title was removed due to concerns over the original ESRB rating, as some placeholder artwork had been left in the game that would bump the rating up from Everyone to Teen. The artwork has been removed via a patch.

Infinite Minigolf disappeared from the North American Switch eShop awhile back. Kotaku investigated the situation and also heard from developer Zen Studios, so the entire situation has become clear.

The issue with Infinite Minigolf concerns the original ESRB rating. It was rated E for Everyone, but some placeholder artwork was accidentally left in that should bump it up to T for Teen. Zen Studios is having that removed so that the rating will go back down to what it should be.

After recently launching on Switch, Infinite Minigolf has gone missing on the North American eShop. It’s still up in both Europe and Japan, however. It’s currently unclear why Infinite Minigolf was taken down stateside.

Infinite Minigolf was originally on track for July 25. It ended up releasing a few days later instead – specifically July 28.

Thanks to Jared C for the tip.

Source: Switch eShop

Infinite Minigolf footage

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Footage has come in showing Zen Studios’ first Switch game Infinite Minigolf. Take a look at the gameplay in the video below.

Infinite Minigolf was originally supposed to launch on the Switch eShop earlier this week. If you checked the store though, you may have noticed that it’s nowhere to be found.

Infinite Minigolf has been delayed, but thankfully, only be a few days. Zen Studios confirmed on Twitter that tomorrow is the new release date.

It’s unclear why Infinite Minigolf didn’t arrive on Switch earlier this week. We’ll just have to be happy with the fact that the delay is short.


Infinite Minigolf is out today as a downloadable title on the Switch eShop. Zen Studios published the official launch trailer, available below.

Zen Studios’ first Switch game launches tomorrow. The developer is bringing Infinite Minigolf to the system as an eShop title.

Beyond Infinite Minigolf, Zen Studios is working on other projects for Switch. The company’s Mel Kirk confirmed this in a Reddit AMA today, but didn’t elaborate on details.

Zen Studios is primarily known for its pinball games. It’ll be interesting to see if something like Pinball FX3 eventually heads to Switch.


Yesterday, a listing for Infinite Minigolf appeared on the European Switch eShop with a release date of July 24. It seems to have been off, though only slightly.

Zen Studios has now announced that Infinite Minigolf officially launches on July 25. Better yet, cross-platform user created course sharing is confirmed. If a course is created and shared via Steam, the same course can be shared with players on Switch, PS4, and Xbox One (and vise versa).

Source: Zen Studios PR

Infinite Minigolf was originally planned for spring. We’re passed that point, but it looks like we won’t have to wait much longer for Zen Studios’ first Switch game.

According to a European eShop listing, Infinite Minigolf is scheduled for July 24. We would anticipate it launching around the same time in North America, assuming the eShop page is accurate.

Here’s a look at the Infinite Minigolf trailer from May:

Source: Switch eShop

Zen Pinball developer Zen Studios has announced its first project for Switch. This spring, the company will publish Infinite Minigolf on the system alongside other platforms.

Infinite Minigolf lets players make their own course creations and experience plenty of customization options. Below is an overview:

“Using the robust toolset contained in the course editor, players are the creators, and can showcase their creative abilities to players all over the world! Players will place course tiles and a vast assortment of gameplay objects into beautifully crafted environments as they create amazing minigolf courses.

Players can participate in 8-player online multiplayer matchups, local multiplayer matchups, and a variety of fun single player modes. Unlock a huge selection of cool minigolf gear, discover fun powerups that elevate minigolf gameplay to new levels of excitement.

Infinite Minigolf features incredibly accurate ball physics, in addition to dazzling graphics and detailed environments, each with a distinct visual theme and gameplay features.”

Infinite Minigolf should be offered as an eShop download on Switch. Take a look at a new trailer for the game below.

Source: Zen Studios PR

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