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Here’s some good news amid companies losing a substantial amount of money across the industry: Capcom expects to make money this past fiscal year, despite a few short-term losses they’ve had to endure here and there. They’ve also said that outsourcing game projects doesn’t appear to be working as well due to a drop in quality from developers that they’ve been hiring, so from here on out a larger chunk of their games will be developed internally. The actual profit number sits around ¥2.9bn– or $29.5M– and a lot of that is due to Resident Evil 5 slot machine it put out.

Wait, Capcom put out a Resident Evil 5 slot machine? What!?

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So basically I pulled an IGN “rewind theatre” thing on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past II, pointing out some things you may not have noticed in the original trailer. Enjoy!

You can get all four upcoming DLC characters for £11.99 (~$15), or buy each individual one for £3.99 (~$5) as they roll out over the coming weeks and months. This, unfortunately, has not been confirmed for the Wii U version yet so we’re still waiting to hear if it’s relevant or not.


Week 1: Complete! Onwards to week 2…

Alright, so we made it through week one. Not bad, everyone! Hopefully folks are still enjoying things and finding a lot to discuss in the forums, and if you’ve made it through section 2 of the play-through you can head there right now to talk about it. If you missed out on the first week but you still want to participate, you’re looking at a total of about 4 hours of game-time this week to catch up!

“How far do I have to get this week?”
Deadline for email submissions this week: April 19th

Since last week we obtained the first Star (out of seven!) in the game, this week we’ll do our best to get Stars #2 and #3! You should stop as soon as you get to a save point after Star #3. I’m guessing this will take about 2 hours or so. Maybe a little more, so get crackin’!

Also, please do not send us emails discussing portions of the game beyond where the book club is. We want to avoid spoilers and we don’t want to feel unable to answer your questions/respond to your comments, so if you’ve gotten ahead of everyone (which is fine!) do your best to only talk about the parts that we’ve all agreed upon. :]

Hit the break for info on how to participate in a discussion, plus other ‘Frequently Asked Questions’!

Remember ‘Two People Playing Games’? Well, my co-host from those days is back to help me get through yet another episode of Eggbusters! Tackling Banjo Kazooie is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and I’d have to say it went rather well. Enjoy!

Artwork courtesy of Andrew Nixon. :]

Did you hear they’re remaking Super Mario RPG for DS?

The first ever book club discussion definitely has some kinks to be worked out… but part of that is recording a podcast at midnight! Aside from that minor hiccup, all is well this week, from lengthy monologues about Fire Emblem’s storytelling to some truncated user questions to get through just like every week.

This Week’s Podcast Crew: Austin, Laura, and Jack

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Another Kickstarter game may be coming to the Wii U or 3DS eShops (or perhaps retail, though that is somewhat less likely). Metroid-vania-esque title Chasm is currently trying to reach its goal of $150,000 for release on PC, Mac, and Linux, but that hasn’t stopped the developers from discussing its possible future on Nintendo platforms,

“We’ve definitely been considering Nintendo platforms — they seem like a good home for Chasm. The difficulty more lies in getting the game ported, we’d have to hire someone that knows the platforms obviously. We’re still very early in development, so estimating those costs right now is near impossible.”

-Chasm Producer James Petruzzi

Judging by the trailers and screenshots I’ve seen of the game, this would definitely sell well on something like the Wii U! I know that I would likely pick it up (assuming it didn’t get absolutely awful reviews on PC), and I think a lot of you would as well. You can check out their Kickstarter page at the link in the first paragraph.

Via Nintendo Life

Normally when you hear about a Twitter controversy it’s surrounding a comment made that wasn’t necessarily offensive or hateful, but that offending or upset some people regardless. It’s a two-sided argument that could be defended with some swift PR moves and a few apologies. Today, Nintendo of Korea will have no such luck, because the following tweet (talking about a TV personality on Korea) was posted to their Twitter account, and is certainly very one-sided:

“She should have just stayed as a TV Meteorologist. Getting all the work done on her face like that. How come a brainless bitch like you gets the entire spotlight? Who is your sponsor? TV…sigh…”

The tweet has, predictably, been removed. Rumors are circulating that someone mixed up their personal Twitter account with the one they manage (Nintendo of Korea), but Nintendo of Korea says they are certain no employees would have posted such a thing and they find the matter “frustrating”. Personally, I’m just surprised someone would post something so mean on any Twitter account, much less the one of a corporation! Too much hate, Tweeters.

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It’s not directly related to Nintendo, but I’m guessing
it’s on your guys’ mind either which way.

Author: Austin

NintendoEverything is, quite obviously, a Nintendo-centric website. We deal in the happenings over at the Big N– occasionally branching out and discussing things that are going on industry-wide– but by and large we are happy to keep concerned only with the things that our favorite developer and publisher does. It’s more than enough to keep someone busy for months on end after all, and usually the topics that are being discussed on a grander scale (downloadable content, violence in video games, etc) don’t affect “us” too much, because Nintendo is usually “behind the times” when it comes to keeping up with trends.

Ah, but today, something has come up that I think is worth discussing despite that fact: This idea of “always-online”. This concept that my console, game, or PC must be connected to the internet at all times in order to play the games I want to play, or use the services I want to use. There are two arguments being made:

1) “Always-online is the future. It’s an advancement in technology that we have to get with in order for the gaming industry to move forward.”

2) “But what if I don’t have a stable internet connection? It’s ridiculous that I wouldn’t be able to play games because of technical hiccups.”

Personally, I think both of these arguments are a load of things-that-are-bad-arguments.

Okay, time for a bit more of an informal post than I’d usually put together:

I just opened up the week one discussion thread of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for those who are planning on participating in this week’s NintendoEverything Book Club (for Video Games!) discussion. It can be found by clicking right here.

You do have to make an account with NintendoEverything in order to partake in this half of the discussion, but I’d make the case that it’s worth the effort! It means you can comment on news stories every day as well instead of having opinions that you keep bundled up inside yourself, AND you can take part in our (hopefully) intelligent discussions of video games every week with the NEBC!

You have until the podcast’s recording (usually Friday or Saturday) if you want to send in your thoughts on the game to [email protected], but you can take as long as you’d like if you only plan to follow along and discuss in the forum. The deadline is merely so we have time to screen all of the submissions before sitting down to record on podcast day. This week all of us will be getting from the beginning of the game to the place where we obtain the first “star piece”. You’ll know what that means when you get a ways into the game, but I’m guessing we’re looking at a small 2-hour time commitment this time around.

If you need more info on what exactly the NEBC is or how to participate (as well as other information you may want), please click here.

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