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The Wii U sold 55,000 units (give or take) this January. I want an Ambassador Program and a price cut, mostly because I want free games. How about you?

After the announcement that Wii U sold but 55K units this past January, I found myself legitimately worried about the future of the console for the first time ever. I don’t mean “Oh no Nintendo is going to die and everything will be ruined!” worried, I just mean “Man, they are going to be in for another Gamecube if they don’t get their act together with this.”

Not that I would mind another Gamecube. After all, the console spawned some of the greatest games of all time despite selling a paltry 21 million units, and none of us look back on that era and go “Man, Nintendo sure was close to being gone for good with that lunchbox console!”. Still, they were clearly in third place behind Sony and Microsoft, and as childish as it seems I like seeing Nintendo being on top. There’s something really satisfying about seeing the guy you like best winning, especially when the guy you like best is putting forth such a positive and unique image when juxtaposed with a lot of what else is out there.

“Actually I think Death Inc. would be a great fit. To be honest we hadn’t thought about it much before the Kickstarter campaign – but there’s been this support for the idea that we thought… hang on. This could work. The control mechanic is very tactile and satisfying – it would be perfect for any touch screen device.

“And even better for the Wii U because we wouldn’t have to compromise on the visuals like we might have to do if we did a tablet version (which would also be cool). I love, love, love the ‘living room’ experience of playing games — it’s my favourite setting, so it would be amazing to see it there.”

– Ambient Studios co-founder Johnny Hopper

The sooner they get it out the better! I know if it came out, got decent reviews, and wasn’t priced too ridiculously I would pick it up in a second since there isn’t much else on the eShop at this point. Heck, I almost picked up Puddle the other day simply because I wanted something to play on Wii U that was new… but I didn’t in the end. Whether there would be more support for Death Inc. I’m not sure– I know that reviews would probably play a big role in getting people to pick it up, since there likely wouldn’t be any measurable “hype” around an eShop release.

Via Nintendo Life

After news of January’s absolutely abysmal sales of Wii U in the states, UK retailers are asking Nintendo to do exactly what they did with 3DS to their home console: Cut the price, get some games, and start fresh.

“Wii U has not caught the public’s imagination yet. We need a killer app to drive sales, and a big marketing push to clearly communicate what Wii U is all about – it will probably be better to focus on the premium edition to do this.” – Tesco games buying manager Jonathan Hayes

“A price drop on the console or extremely competitive bundle options to encourage consumer take-up would be ideal.” Grainger Gamers’ commercial director Simon Peck

“Both the machine and software prices are too high to compete. The price point needs looking at but this alone will not fix the issue.” Founder of Xbite Nick Whitehead

“Lower prices should be led by Nintendo and publishers – not left to retail to discount down to the optimum price point.” Barkman Computers’ Nick Elliot

Ultimately the issue isn’t that the price is too high: It’s that the price is too high for what they’re offering for most people. Try as they may, I don’t think most gamers care about Monster Hunter, New Super Mario Bros., or even Pikmin. Third party support will be key if Nintendo wants to grow beyond just being a Nintendo-games box. Not that I would honestly complain if all the Wii U had was first and second party Nintendo games. That’s what I bought the thing for, after all.


A very tired Austin (sorry about that– won’t happen again!) takes on one of the most famous glitches from Metroid Prime– but can he really discover a whole new place to explore in one of the most polished games of the decade…?

Watch it to find out!

Note: It’s pretty late at night but I’m posting this anyway. If you’re worried about missing it, don’t be: It’ll get bumped at the end of every daily news cycle for the next few days. :}

Also you can read the exact steps to do the glitch yourself after the break.

If you listen to the podcast you know that I go on reddit quite a bit, and today while surfing along the front page I noticed that in the Wii U subreddit people were discussing how Ancel and his crew are protesting the delay of Rayman: Legends. The top comment in that thread? Someone was trying to get an online protest going that they wonderfully termed “We Love Rayman!”:

“I’ll be making a collage with everybody’s picture and send a thank you to Ubisoft’s developers. The point is to make an echo to Ubisoft, show we do support Rayman, just not their decision.” – Reddit user ‘SuitMyPants’, who has a great username

He asks that people send photos of themselves supporting Rayman to [email protected], and when he gets enough he’ll put them all together in a collage for the developers to see. I’m not sure if this will change Ubisoft’s decision (maybe we’ll get another exclusive demo!), but at least it’ll get them to think twice before doing something like this in the future!

Not to mention that it’ll give the developers a nice warm tingly feeling. Send your photos to the address above if you want to participate! And don’t use a bunch of swear words condemning Ubisoft. That’ll just make you seem like a big jerk who is full of baloney.

Via Reddit

Remember last holiday season when Nintendo released a limited-run pink and white 3DS XL? Well, it sold out relatively quickly and may people were upset that they couldn’t get their hands on one in time. So what does the big N do? They’ve decided to bring it back, and now you can purchase the system from Gamestop and other stores “coast to coast” starting this week!

Via Polygon

We’ve reported on this before, but now we finally have an official date: Starting April 22nd, anyone who currently gets G4TV via their cable or satellite provider will awaken to a brand new channel to replace to dying-brand that was G4. The new name will be the “Esquire Network” and will feature programming similar to ‘Bravo’ but “for men”. It is, as they say, for “the modern man, what being a man today is all about”.

Which mostly sounds like a bunch of vaguely sexist baloney to me, but I guess they think people will watch it! With any luck this will be the last that you hear of the network, since they will feature no gaming related programming whatsoever.

Via Gamespot

Doesn’t get better than Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

Lots of great discussion about Ubisoft’s goofballery, the Mario series in general, and a top ten list of your guys’ most anticipated Wii U games! Everything else is normal.

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NintendoEverything sits down with ‘A Hat in Time’ developer Mecha the Slag, pretending to spend a quiet evening sipping on tea, talking about where all of the awesome platforming games went– and how he’s going to unintentionally bring them back.

Author: Austin

Earlier this week I learned of a game.

I was scouring the internet for any sign of the dead 3D exploration platforming genre to no avail, and I turned to reddit to have a discussion on the topic, asking for any games people knew of that fit the bill. The response was pretty sizeable.

I was recommended games from Cave Story to Shadow Complex, Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts to Prince of Persia; none of these games quite scratched the itch I had though. There was always something “off” about them, either gameplay-wise or artistically. Perhaps they were too linear, or didn’t feature enough backtracking; maybe the atmosphere was closer to a Saturday morning cartoon than a charming game of the N64 era– each one had some different “flaw”. The point is that after ten hours, I figured that maybe the genre was dead, and I was looking for something that wasn’t there. Apparently developers had simply abandoned the genre overnight, and now a former industry staple was nowhere to be found.

But why?

Unrelated image.

A.S.A.P., folks! We’re about to record the podcast and my goofballery made me forget to post this sooner.

This is a two question survey that requires no signing up, accounts, clicking through ads, or anything. Just answer a required question, answer a non-required question (if you want) and make your voice heard in the first ever NintendoEverything reader survey poll thing! Results will be read in the form of our top ten list on the next podcast, and if you opted to answer the written question your answer could be read on the show!

Thanks very much. As stated above the question for you guys this week is “What Wii U games are you looking forward to most in 2013?”

Take the survey here!

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