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Koumajou Remilia: Scarlet Symphony releases today on Switch eShop, and publisher CFK have dropped a launch trailer to celebrate.

In case you missed our previous coverage, you can check out an overview of the game as well as the trailer below:

With its release on Switch eShop today, gameplay footage has emerged for Train Valley: Console Edition. A little over 17 minutes of the simulation title are available.

For more information on Train Valley: Console Edition and the gameplay footage, see below:

Earlier this year developer Studio Drydock announced that their new life sim, Wylde Flowers, would be coming to Switch via the eShop this year. They have now revealed that the game will be launching for Nintendo’s console alongside its Steam release on September 20, and have shared a trailer to show off more of the game’s visuals and features.

For more information on the game and the new trailer, see below:

Ahead of the first free title update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, scheduled to launch next month, Capcom have shared a trailer showcasing one of the new monsters that will be added, Lucent Nargacuga. The trailer shows the monster’s behaviour and attacks, as well as offering a look at the new area that will be added to the game, the Forlorn Arena.

You can see the new trailer below:

An interesting job listing has appeared for the position of an Archivist within The Pokémon Company International, whose role will be to create and help maintain a digital archive and museum on the Pokemon brand.

Developer Baykal Arts have announced that their upcoming title Ashen Knights: Foreshadow, which was previously announced for PC release via Steam, will also be coming to Switch in the future. The game adopts a top-down perspective and combines gameplay elements of the Souslike and hack’n’slash genres, and features multiple characters to play as. A prologue titled Ashen Knights: One Passage will be released before Foreshadow, giving players the opportunity to try out the characters and experience the world of the main game before release, although no release window was announced for this, or if it would be coming to Switch alongside the main game.

Below is an overview of the game, as well as a trailer:

Hell Pages gameplay

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Gameplay footage has emerged for Hell Pages, a new side scrolling bullet hell title which released on Switch eShop today. Just under 10 minutes of the title are available for viewing.

Find out more about the game and check out the footage below:

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Bad Viking have announced that Strange Horticulture will be releasing on Switch eShop at the end of this month, on July 28. The game is an occult puzzle game based around collecting and cataloguing a variety of strange and powerful plants, whilst players explore the game’s land of Undermere. The game also released on Steam earlier this year.

Here’s an overview and a trailer of the game:

Ambition: A Minuet in Power released yesterday on Switch eShop, and now 25 minutes of gameplay footage of the visual novel are available for viewing.

Learn more about the game and check out the gameplay footage below:

To celebrate today’s launch of DC League of Super-Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace on Switch, Bandai Namco have shared a new trailer of the game, showing off the gameplay. The game is an on-rails action-adventure, inspired by the recently released movie.

Find out more about the game and check out the trailer below:

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