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Pokemon Masters EX has just been updated with a couple of Bede-centric events. The first of these is a new story event in which several rivals from various Pokemon games, including Bede, gather to compete in a tournament. The second of these is a Poke Fair Scout featuring 5★ Sync Pair Bede & Hatterene, which is also accompanied by a discount on gem purchases.

Some gameplay has come in for Horgihugh And Friends, following its release today. About 20 minutes of footage are available for the game.

For more information on Horgihugh And Friends, check out the following overview:

Publisher RedDeerGames and developer Elsewhere have announced that Gum+, a retro- inspired puzzle game, will be making its way to Switch. It is set to release later this year.

Check out more information on Gum+ in the following overview:

Rocket League has just received a new update, bringing the game to version 2.16. This update is preparing the game for its 7th season, adding in a new Arena Variant, overhauling the Custom Training mode, addressing certain player behaviors and generally fixing a number of bugs.

Here are the full patch notes for Rocket League’s 2.16 version update:

Aspyr has recently confirmed that the planned DLC for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords is set to release later this year in Q3 2022. This DLC is titled “Sith Lords Restored” and features a load of new content, including a mission with droid companion HK-47, a revamped ending, new dialogue and interactions among your crew, and new quests and combat missions scattered throughout the world.

This DLC is actually restored content that was cut from the original release of the game, back in 2004. Aspyr has opted to make this content a free DLC, so players will be able to experience it at no additional cost.

Resplendent Hero Effie: Army of One has just been made available in Fire Emblem Heroes for Feh Pass subscribers. The next set of  Feh Pass quest has also gone live, with both Effie and these quests being available until June 24 at 11:59 PM PT.

Following that, the next Resplendent Hero has been revealed to be Matthew: Faithful Spy. He’ll be showing up right after Effie: Army of One becomes unavailable, on June 25 at 12 AM PT. You can see a bit more about the character and his new Nifl-inspired design below.

As the Cat Tour is currently wrapping up, Mario Kart Tour has just detailed the next Tour that will be coming to the game. This one will be a Metropolitan Tour, focused around a variety of city courses and with a general food theme added in.

As part of this, a new Pastry Chef Mii Racing Suit, part of the 8th wave of them, will be added to the game. It will also feature the return of several pre-existing drivers and kart elements, such as Lederhosen Luigi and Volendam Rosalina.

You can check out the new trailers for Mario Kart Tour’s Metropolitan Tour and new Mii Racing Suit below.

A new trailer has just been released for Nippon Ichi Software’s latest game, GrimGrimoire OnceMore. This trailer is focused on Glamour, one of the first kinds of magic protagonist Lillet Blan learns in the game. This magic enables the summoning of unicorns, fairies, and many other kinds of magical spirits to help Lillet thoughout the game.

Below is a story overview for GrimGrimoire OnceMore.

A new update has just gone live for Pikmin Bloom, adding a handful of small bug fixes and QoL features to the game. These features include being able to see the bonus coins you get from flower planting and event bonuses being displayed while in the planter or walk views.

Here are the full patch notes for the update:

Hamster has announced that Motos will be the next game releasing on the eShop under the Arcade Archives label. Here is some more information about the game below.

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