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A new update has just made its way to Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream. While this one isn’t adding any new DLC like the last few updates, it is fixing a handful of issues and bugs that made their way into the game. Check out the full patch notes for the update below:

A whole host of new content has just made its way to Pokemon Masters EX. These new additions to the game are all Johto-themed, following up on the Team Rocket events from a couple of weeks ago.

What’s been added to the game is: new content for the Main Villain Story Arc, a new Team Rocket Villain event, a new Extreme Battle event centered around Ethan, Lyra and Kris, and a Master Fair Scout for Sygna Suit Ethan & Lugia. Check out the details on all of these new inclusions below.

Mario Kart Tour has just announced its next Tour, a revisit of the Cat Tour. This Tour will be coming to the game May 31, at 11 PM PT, along with a handful of new elements that are being added to the game.

Firstly, new characters Cat Mario and Cat Luigi will be made available, along with new matching kart elements. A new Mii Racing Suit (part of wave 7), also cat-themed, will arrive as well. And finally, fan-favorite track GCN Baby Park will finally be making its way to the game as a playable track.

Check out trailers for the Cat Tour and new Mii Racing Suit below:

Following its release today, we have some new gameplay for visual novel Senren * Banka. 51 minutes of footage are available.

For more information on Senren * Banka, check out the following overview:

Nippon Ichi Software has released a new trailer for GrimGrimoire OnceMore, a remake of the original PS2 game GrimGrimoire. This one is a story-focused trailer, introducing the game’s prologue and the misadventures of Lillet Blan, a young witch who finds herself stuck in a five-day time loop.

While the trailer is entirely in Japanese, we’ve included a synopsis (translation courtesy of Gematsu) of the featured story below. Check out both the story overview and the new GrimGrimoire OnceMore trailer below the break.

Pokemon Masters EX has just received its usual monthly update, bringing the title to version 2.21.0. This update is improving the tutorial and certain specific game features, addressing a few bugs and issues, and prepping the game for its next set of content updates (notably, the addition of Sygna Suit Ethan & Lugia, Lyra & Celebi, and Kris & Suicune).

You can check out the full patch notes below:

Following its release this week, some new gameplay for Touken Ranbu Warriors is now available. We’ve got about 50 minutes of footage in total.

Learn more about Touken Ranbu Warriors in the overview below:

Original (5/16): Neon Doctrine, GameChanger Studio, and Toge Productions have shared a new release date for their dating sim and management game, My Lovely Wife. The game is now set to release in June 2022.

My Lovely Wife was originally announced for Switch last year, but no release window had been provided at the time. Here’s some additional information on the title:

Hamster has announced that Trio The Punch will be the next game releasing on the eShop under the Arcade Archives label. Here is some more information about the game below.

This week’s Famitsu review scores are as follows:

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