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“I would say the message is we were disappointed with our performance at E3. There were titles like Wario which we think will be really fun titles that we should have show cased. We were excited that Mr. Miyamoto made the commitment that Pikmin is coming. It would have been nice if we could have said that on stage. But, we think it was a good recognition for us that we care for our core fans, and not just the new people who are now discovering Nintendo.” – Cammie Dunaway

As great as it is of Nintendo to recognize their faults, this probably isn’t going to change anything for the people who are already upset with Nintendo. However, perhaps this is a sign that Nintendo will change their ways next year. E3 may not be a place for the hardcore anymore, although it is possible that at next year’s E3, there might be slightly more focus on the hardcore. Also, don’t forget about the mini-events Nintendo hosts following their E3 showing.


Nintendo® hosts The Conduit at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo

Hoffman Estates, IL- August 18, 2008 – High Voltage Software (HVS) has announced that The Conduit, a fast paced action-shooter game currently in development for the Wii™ console, will be featured by Nintendo® at this year’s PAX convention. The Conduit is a First Person Shooter (FPS) where players battle fierce alien invaders in a highly detailed 3D world using a dynamic control scheme only possible on the Wii™.

Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at HVS, had this to say about the news, “PAX is jam-packed wall-to-wall with passionate game fans. We are incredibly honored to be featured there at Nintendo’s booth. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to receive input and feedback directly from other gamers.”

The announcement came earlier than expected, but who’s complaining?! The game definitely looks pretty impressive!

Update: The press release is now available and the game is coming in 2009.


The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Brings Pulp Horror Action to Wii

LEIPZIG (August 19th, 2008) – SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced The House of the Dead: OVERKILL, an all-new pulp-horror reinvention of the classic SEGA light-gun shooter franchise. Created by London-based studio Headstrong Games, The House of the Dead: OVERKILL will take you right back to the beginning of this classic horror series. Available exclusively on the Nintendo Wii early in 2009 and announced to coincide with Games Convention at Leipzig, The House of the Dead: OVERKILL will be presented live by developer Headstrong Games for specially invited members of the press in SEGA’s business centre suite.

The House of the Dead: OVERKILL uncovers the ugly, terrifying, red hot secrets behind the House of the Dead; the daddy of all over-the-top shooters. While staying true to the classic gameplay this hugely successful SEGA series is getting a new retro look, with distinctive graphics, sound and attitude that will add to its horror cool status. Plus, thanks to the Wii Remote™, players will fight off zombies when they get too close; pistol-whipping jaws off and smashing in skulls with their shotgun butt.

Good evening, readers. Wanted to provide a quick update about my upcoming plans with the site. There haven’t been 3D images in awhile, so I plan on putting another batch out soon. I’m not going to give away the game the pictures focus on, but let’s just say that the game involves Japanese mythology (I hope I didn’t just give it away right there!) I also plan on writing up an article/rambling thoughts post about the same game…I’ve completely fell in love with it. The vs. feature has been dead for a good while too, although I’m hoping to bring it back. If anyone has some ideas for the characters they want to see featured, send me an email through the contact form.

That’s all for now, but as always, if anyone has comments/questions/concerns, I’m always available for contact.

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Mario Super Sluggers
– The more you play it, the more you enjoy it – Bozon
– A lot of waggle
– With nunchuck you can aim, becomes a little more fun
– Arcade baseball, fun

– IGN exclusives planned throughout the week

NPD Data
– Nintendo still on top
– Crazy numbers since July wasn’t a huge month for Nintendo
– Bozon says that third-party games ARE selling on Wii, he had the numbers right in front of him
– Upward trend with sequels (Madden, Guitar Hero)
– Matt says there are a lot of misconceptions about sales numbers on Wii
– Tiger Woods selling best on Wii

– Some talk about Metroid Prime 3, Matt praises its graphics highly – Says art the best on Wii. Galaxy has better tech.
– Bozon thinks he likes Metroid out of the big 3, Matt still sticks by Mario Galaxy – loves music, looks good on the new screen in the IGN demo room

1) Mario Kart Wii – Nintendo
2) Wii Fit – Nintendo

3) Beijing 2008 – Sega
4) Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games – Sega
5) Wii Play – Nintendo
6) Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock – Activision

7) Soul Calibur IV – Ubisoft
8 ) Big Beach Sports – THQ
9) Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training – Nintendo
10) Guitar Hero: On Tour – Activision


Remember the early, promising footage of Spider-Man: Web of Shadows that actually looked like a decent Spider-Man game? Well, that’s all gone down under – for Wii owners, at least. MTV’s Stephen Totilo attempted to discover some information about the game on Nintendo’s console, but to no avail. In fact, it seems Activision Blizzard has no idea as to what’s going on with the game for the Wii, PS2, and PSP versions. From what it seems, Activision Blizzard is leaving those games up to the respective developers and aren’t really in-the-know when it comes to Web of Shadows, which is very strange.

I still have some faith in Web of Shadows on Wii. After Spider-Man 3, things can’t get much worse, can they?


Man, both Mushroom Men titles (for Wii and DS) are both looking like great products. If only other third-party developers put this much effort into their games!