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“I am personally very excited for Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, even to the point where I begged R+D to let us play it at EVO last year, if only for a few days. It’s not up to either of us but I will make sure Capcom knows this game would have a warm reception in the West should we be able to defeat that evil-est of Robot Masters: Legal Licensing Issue Man.” – Seth Killian, Capcom Sr. Manager, Community

I’d really like to see Tatsunoko vs. Capcom in North America in its current state, but that probably won’t happen. I can still see trouble for the game even if it was changed so that licensing issues would be avoided. Come on Capcom, work your magic!

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Update: Speaking to Kotaku, Mr. Akinori seemed to change his mind a bit…

“One of our ideas has been that on older consoles, you may have had only 16 colours. One thing we could do is make a game like Mega Man 9; do a new Sonic, but in an old style.”

“Actually, he has been working on Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush and is very keen on keeping the 2D game. But, having said that, he also thinks 3D Sonic [is good]…And he has been thinking so hard to incorporate those good things from both 3D and 2D. And this is one of the reasons that in Sonic Unleashed we have both 3D and 2D mixed gameplay, kind of switched, going back and forth…Although he thinks that the original 2D game was really good, he doesn’t intend to publish kind of a remake of the original game.” – Akinori Nishiyama, General Manager of Sonic Team, though a translator

Sonic Rush is somewhat similar to the hedgehog’s Genesis days, but it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing a completely classic Sonic game anytime soon. However, if upcoming 3D Sonic titles such as Unleashed are at least half-way decent, perhaps it’ll give fans some hope that a Sonic title can work well in the third dimension.

Publisher XSEED may be taking the cake for one of the better publishers for Nintendo platforms over the next year and a half. International publishing for No More Heroes 2 has been arranged. And, unlike the first No More Heroes title, it has been confirmed that Ubisoft will not be publishing No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle in North America. Rather, Marvelous and XSEED will co-publish the game. As far as Europe goes, Rising Star will be handling the game.

“We’ve made no announcements at this time [Monster Hunter 3 in North America]. The major MH announcement made for the West at TGS was that Freedom Unite was coming to the US next year.” – Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development

I just can’t imagine Capcom neglecting to bring Monster Hunter 3 to North America. Even though the following isn’t as big in NA as it is in Japan, a number of other Monster Hunter titles have reached its shores; so I don’t see why Capcom would neglect a release of the game in the states.

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